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  • Looks like the new game comes out the day after my B-Day lol. It looks pretty cool Mewthree is finally coming out and you can ride pokemon instead of walking or biking every where. You can have air battles with flying pokemon and you can even customize your character. Basically, it is the one that me and my childhood friends have been waiting forever for and you say that you don't want to get it? Really? I don't think that you can visit every Region yet though that is the only problem I've found so far.
    That would be a real shame if you didn't buy it because Pokemon Generation X & Y look like one of the better ones to come out for a long time. Also, how am I suppose to become a Master without you lol.
    If I don't have anything that needs to be done then I just laze about the house. After my last message I figured that I should start playing pokemon again lol, so I went out and bought the Pokemon Black 2 game and it is actually pretty cool same map of coarse as the 1st one only this time they added an island and that is where you start. Once you are finished everything on the island then you take a boat to the middle of the old map like 3rd or 4th gym the really big city and they added a sewer system which you have to go in to fight against the team in the game. Usually, I can beat all the gyms in a single day, but now with me working, so hard I don't have the time. I do get a badge a day when I play, so far I have 3. Oh and by the way what I love about it is so far you can catch pokemon from all of the generations in the wild without having to defeat the elite 4 which I think is really cool.
    Hey how is it going? Been a very long time since I heard from you :( sniff. I've been busy working 6 days a week for a while now. So when did you go from blonde to redhead? I haven't played Pokemon in forever!
    I thought that you where a blonde lol. I must say that you do look better with red hair then again that could be a biased opinion I love redheads lol.
    How hard would you slap me if I told you, you're picture loos cute as always?

    Hey Pirate how is it going? You know what sucks about my clan being in 1st now? All of my members don't bother to play anymore just because we have a 30million point lead out of almost 8k Canadian clans (50 member limit per clan). Just because we are first doesn't mean that we should stop their I mean hopefully one day they will combine servers or even make it global I would like to see how we rate for that. Have you got the new pokemon games? I haven't played in forever lol.
    It's alright now. It was the hardest on my mom. D: Oh dear. I think my test is the 30th...

    It was :D hopefully your's were good as well.~
    Hey it's been a long time, so what is new? I've been busy focusing on a pretty cool facebook game called Social Wars it is a very cool warfare game. Out of 7,000 Canadian clans (possible 50 members to a clan) mine is now ranked number 1 with 49 members (no one seems to know why I keep it at 49) and yes I am the General of the clan. My base is so awesome someone posted a comment that it looks like it is an undefeated base. My battle record is 15W 10L, but that is from like 30 lvls back and I had people who could beat my base attack me over and over probably because I kept attacking them. The game is so cool the best thing about it is that it never ends and there is always something to do. I could be attacked by someone from anywhere in the world while I am asleep or at work and if my base and army is good enough I could win. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?
    Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year's Eve! I've been gone a long long long long time but anyways, hi. I'm in China.
    What? D: How could that have been true? Oh my D: hopefully the results are good then.~ Oh I see :eek: lol.

    I've been better D: these past two weeks have been terrible. Last week my great uncle and dog died(bite marks) :< and then I failed my driver's test(2nd try) Tuesday >.>;;
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