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  • Haha, plenty more where that came from. They just look so ridiculous it's hilarious! :D

    I didn't realise you had actually replied to my last VM until today, heh. XD

    Aww, I'm am ill too, that's why I am home today, when I usually go regardless of how I feel. Maybe you can get an extension or something?
    well today is the last day of the holiday so it back to hitting the books for another 4 monthes :'( well lets hope we can both handle it good luck with college
    No need to thank me.

    Enjoy your reading :) Thanks same to you. Have a good night.

    XD well I sent you a request.

    NP. Hopefully not that much longer with the academic part :D

    That it is.

    Yes you can. Andy doesn't have this one yet since it is brand new. You'll be the first one on it lol. You might not be getting the top grades, but at least your hanging in there.


    It can be hard keeping in contact with everyone at points in life.

    I'm doing alright thanks. Made a new facebook to use for sppf stuff XD. Well glad to hear you are doing okay. Sorry about the essay, but I'm sure you'll get an A+ or whatever you get over there.

    Im fine Life is geting better by the day somthing happpend that i didnt expect to happen plus we have a one week vacation
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