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  • Thanks for the hints! Unfortunately I missed the pictures, but I'm hoping that people will post them on tumblr, so no worries :p
    Thank you again, even though theres not many hints, I can't wait for the movie :D!
    Hey, have you seen the Diancie movie?

    Does Serena contribute in any way? Is her Rhyhorn racing scene from the manga in the movie?
    Heyy, I'm good thanks :D! you ??
    And if you are talking about the AmourShipping thread, if I remember correctly, I think it was mentioned a few times about Misty's lure, I think a few people didn't want it to happen, or they did, I'm not to sure, but I'm pretty sure it was mentioned, how come ??
    Is there something confirming that it makes an appearance ??

    EDIT - Sorry I posted it twice aha!
    Hehe. Certain parts of my mind have begun placing bets on how quickly the Amourshippers reach 500 pages, judging by my own recollections of the weekend leading into December 21, or, as I like to call it, Mayan Apocalypse Aftermath Day. Are you doing well in your corner of the world?
    Thank you. I'll state that those incentives really got the wheels in my mind turning with the defeat of a marauding group of bugs calling themselves the Changelings. I don't want to give away too much info, but suffice to say that they got blasted toward the horizon Team Rocket-style, which inspired this rendition of "Double Trouble". On the off chance that you might not be able to access YouTube in your corner of the world, I'm also thinking of a Rapidash nicknamed Twispark, which I had my Pokémon White player character train after hatching it as a Ponyta in commemoration of the 200,000,000th pageview for Equestria Daily, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's main fan-oriented website. My standing assessment is that when it comes to energy and creativity, my fellow bronies are in a class by themselves. For my part, I happened to inform them of that aforementioned scenario, and in the meantime, some of the other Pearlshippers appear to be more skeptical of Serena's potential dynamic, at least as far as I can tell. What's your opinion of Serena, if I may ask?
    (chuckling alertly) It began on a thread I stumbled across in another online forum I've frequented in the past, right around early October 2011. Reading it and its basic setup, from the characters to the fan reactions, was enough to convince me that I would enjoy it right away, so I began to determine how important it would be for my memory. A few weeks and one worldview-torpedoing book later, my conclusion was as undeniable as it was unfathomable: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic had harmonized everything I believed and argued about Japanese cartoons going all the way back to Tenchi Muyo! and Hamtaro with my overarching interest in global politics, replacing Pokémon as my favored symbol of internationalized cuteness, after something known as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni outdid Pokémon as my most influential anime show around the same time one year earlier, namely October-November 2010. As my support for the bronies grew, based on their global reach, so did my incentives to devise an overarching scenario for ending Pokémon in Unova, looking back, putting Pearlshipping, Wishfulshipping, and Admirationshipping front and center against Ghetsis and Giovanni... if as a possible taste. Unfortunately, by the same token, the sense of finality left me utterly flummoxed when Serena rolled around, such that although I wish to regard her as a girl on her own, some of the other people I've talked to here recently might worry that she'll end up being nothing more than just another traveling companion to broadcast Kalos' Pokémon lineup. Feel free to ask the other Pearlshippers to confirm my story, such as Janovy, Adelaide1994, and Yuppirox.
    Phew. Good morning from my corner of the world, old friend, and what a chain of events to propel me up until now. You wouldn't believe the perfect storm I saw a little over two years ago this time, powerful enough to permanently change my view of Japanese cartoons, involving a cartoon the title of which I'm rather certain will shock you right away... as it surprised the other Pearlshippers. How are you, out of curiosity?
    I'm good. Nice to see you again as well!

    Well, if you happen to change your plans, keep in mind that you've got a place to stay.

    You, bringing up the pics and news of every episode? That's nostalgic! Haha

    Tell me, have you moved to Japan? How's life?
    Hello old friend!!

    Long time no talk... still planning to visit Brazil during world cup?

    Also, We have that Amourshipping which is fired up!
    Good to hear you're well :D And hey, we're both in Japan right now! ;D

    I've been a mod since the end of 2010 (I think) so it's not that recent any more, but thank you ^_^
    If it's a shipping involving Ash, I'm likely not far.

    *ominous music plays*

    Just kidding. Though I really like how AS is going so far. Of course, it's a nice bonus since it provides flashbacks of little!Ash :D I'm doing good, and you? It's really great to see you posting regularly again =)
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