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Last Activity:
Aug 28, 2012
May 12, 2009
Likes Received:
GMT -6

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loving the 3DS..., from GMT -6

pkfan was last seen:
Aug 28, 2012
    1. Sasukat
      no sry but i can find my firered and chain for 1 but what are good natures for it
    2. Sasukat
      o sry didnt see it but ddo you need any chainable shinys
    3. Sasukat
      i have shiny articuno and any chainable shiny(just say which chainables/how many you want and ill pick what i want)
      until you pick the chainables can i get shiny manaphy for shiny articuno
    4. The Flash
      The Flash
      nope. sorry.
    5. The Flash
      The Flash
      do you have a modest heatran?
    6. poke310
      thankz alot
    7. GuitartomaS
      i already have em im just keeping the chain going to get more so i can trade ^___^ but i dont wanna break the chain to trade so i'll do it tomorrow but ya i'll let u know
    8. poke310
      do u have a list of events? if you do im willin to trade my event/shinyz for events tht catch my attention..check out the link in my sig for a list..
    9. GuitartomaS
      well would u be willing to trade tomorrow ? cuz im still chaining the plusle =P and they are mostly timid cuz im using a timid ralts with synchronize ^_^
    10. GuitartomaS
      well would u trade the impish shiny gligar ? its UT right ?
    11. GuitartomaS
      what hidden power does ur shiny timid gastly have ? if u dont know its cool
    12. GuitartomaS
      what shiny ? the plusle ?
    13. GuitartomaS
      do u have a shiny adamant UT anorith ?
    14. Sasukat
      ok and i would like to do some trading again lol i need many UT XD pokemon is there any events from the link in my sig/chainable shinys(i have diamond and firered)you need and ill say what XD pokemon i want based on how many you need
    15. pkfan
      a) yes it is the same OT and ID
      b) I did soft resetting too, and I know it may take at least 3 entire days of resetting to get the shiny... and much times that isn´t enough...
      c) I don´t think so about this case, whatever I liked them...
    16. Sasukat
      ...What why it was supposed to be 1for1,1for1 which both happened but 1for1 #3 didn't happen
    17. Sasukat
      A)did you check if its the same OT(not sure if it is)
      B)2 words soft resetting if people want to trade for _____
      Really bad they sometimes save in front of them and press l,r,start and select each time its not shiny
      C)some people change the date on their ds
    18. Sasukat
      This 2nd part of the trade started by me asking for the 3rd regigigas
    19. Needs a Deoxys
      Needs a Deoxys
      I'm in. Are you ready?
    20. GreenAiden555
      Just to let you know, most of the Pokemon in your sig are hacked.

      Don't believe me? Check them for a classic ribbon- This prevents them from being traded on the GTS.

      Any event Pokemon from D/P on up has a classic ribbon.
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  • About

    GMT -6
    Favourite Pokémon:
    pokemon... videogames... filosofy...


    platinum FC:;487-o;4298 1294 6920 (IV Gen events)
    Pearl FC:;484;0344 7420 0219 (shinies)
    Diamond FC:;483;4211 6422 4040(only for optional trades)
    Heartgold FC:;250;0217-6997-7601( EVd pokemon)
    Soulsilver FC:;249;0260-9033-5863(optional trades only)
    Black FC::643:5457-8981-0019 (V Gen Events)

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G69CQVI3(updated 11:14am 16/Feb/2011)​

    will upload it soon​