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  • Jack, I hope you remember me? :)

    Anyways, sorry I haven't review the last couple chapters, been really busy lately. I read that you're doing a rerelease of the fic sometime soon, so I would like to be contacted when you indeed post the new version of Pokemon Crusade. :D
    Ugh, you know, Sinnoh's Contests ruined the whole experience anyway, with that newfangled ridiculous "dance" competition they implemented.

    But I know what you mean. I don't like the 100-streak star idea, myself. I never cared for "get the high score" games. Having a defined goal for your work is much nicer.
    Have you done everything there was to do in your games, lol? I'm still gunning for a 100-streak in Platinum so I can get that nifty black trainer card. And yeah, I do hope 5th gen draws you in again. ^_^
    Oh, well, good luck in uni, anyway. Hope you're enjoying your classes. ^_^

    Eh, BW is amazing in terms of almost everything, and suspect in terms of Pokemon. It looks to be a pretty fun region. You're still a Pokemon fan in general, though?
    Woah Already? What College? What Major?

    Life is fine on my end. My relationship with God has gotten much stronger and I'm showing Senior year who's boss :D
    Pretty sure it's a hobby, even has his own YouTube channel. He likes Apple products a lot. Totally crazy XD

    Hmm I'm sure there would be ways around it somewhere. Look up the laws there, that might help you out.
    He's still about, I see him occasionally on another forum. Mostly he writes those iPhone apps reviews. I think he's on holiday or moving or something right now.

    I think, at least what I heard in this story which is from America, you can only do fanfiction if you're an amateur. Once you get a novel published, I guess you wouldn't be anymore XD
    Journalism would be cool, you could start trying to get on gaming websites whenever you wanted I guess, look at duncan =)

    I heard this story last week or so actually, about this girl who wrote HP fanfiction, then when she got published she of course had to take it all down. So she put why she'd had to take it down, and then told them all the title of the book. Then all these people who'd read her fanfic went and got the book, and she got these huge booksales and the publishers had no idea why XD
    I started to really like calculus last year XD I'm actually most looking forward to all the design projects though, that'll be awesome. Just out of curiosity, are you thinking of writing articles, short stories, novels, scripts or something else?
    Oh sweet =) English would be cool. I just had my first day of engineering, so that's a bit different.
    Hah, I know that feeling. I remember the two weeks we had when there was something due every day, crazy stuff. You know what you're gonna do after school?
    Oh, I wrote the brief summaries out a year or so ago. Haven't done the half a page thing though, that might help me get it organised. Thanks =)
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