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  • So you're in your last year of school. Hope you do well and get into the course you want. And summer holidays are always the best =)
    A cruise? Oh wow, enjoy yourself =)

    I've been pretty good =) Writing a bit, talking to friends a bit, chilling otherwise. I'm reaching the end of a long summer holiday, started early because it was my last year of school and finishes later as university starts a month later than school =D
    that's annoying, may i give you a suggestion jack? make some warm english tea and put a tablespoon of honey in it, it works soothing on the troath and is also very relaxing, it's perfect to help you get to sleep when having ailments simulair like yours.

    anyway, here i just play some videogames at the moment, it's weekend now so i get the chanse to relax a bit again^^ computerwork is a pain for the eyes so i can use it.
    that's correct, i invited you among some others today, it still is unusual though, like i said before i usualy get newer members per request.

    anyway now that we are talking, how are you doing lately?
    welcome to the Pokemon Platinum Group Pkmn Breeder Jack.

    this is an unusual sight for me by the way, normaly i only receive group join requests from people that just joined the site:)
    How sad that I didn't see this until now. Such is the nature of things when I don't check SPPf for such extended periods of time. Thanks for the message anyway. I miss LC so much it's unbelievable. I miss the forum life in general, actually. Sadly, 2008 had to end up giving me a real life (lol, not that one can't have both ^^; ), but I seem to fail at finding time for fic writing.

    Course, I know perfectly well that when I'm not at class or hanging out with my group of friends, that I'm usually just wasting time making competitive teams on my Pokemon games. =P That'd probably be the case even if I hadn't hit a major roadblock in the plot. That's why I never formally gave up on LC. I held onto the hope that I'd get past that roadblock one day. I think back to how long it took me to sort through the utter mess of Chapter 18 and the fact that it worked out.

    The plot ended up twisting in on itself. By skipping the year of Jade's training, I puzzled over how to properly work in elements of the character development that would have happened during that time. The League arc became too episodic. Team Rocket's actions in the future Chapter 27-ish made little sense and then afterwards I needed the Resistance to make some sort of move, but my only ideas were even more stupid. Strangely enough, just last week I considered moving the events of one chapter, which was sort of out-of-place, to a later position, would in theory would fix some things but...

    Haha...yeah, I always get like this whenever anyone asks me about LC. ^^; The drive is still there, it's just been shoved to the side by everything. And hilariously enough, I just now, while thinking on rearranging events, thought up an excellent arc to take place after the League. It still doesn't fix some other problems that occur later, but new ideas are always nice.

    But anyways...I do indeed hope that one day I'll be able to sort my time together and return to the forums, and to LC.
    Hey Jack, it's me from PokeCommunity:)
    Could you add me to the PM list for Crusade? (though I was considerably more active on PokeCommunity for the past few months, I now have a reason to return here. Although you could always just VM me on either site or whatever:D)
    Loving the revamped chapters, by the way. Very nicely done, if I do say so:p.
    hey, i heard something about that you had a PS3, i happen to have one myself, want to swap PSN ID's?
    riddle me this batman how does a fool not make a fool of himself. its kind of like stepping in to a crowd of black people and yelling n.igger (not that i would) but it was fools move in the first place ;) i play the devils advocate well even at my own expense.
    thank you i try =D truth be told i wanted to see how much havoc i cause by saying a 5th gen wasnt going to be made. what grade would you give me? lol sorry if i offended you all =) ill delete the message now
    I said this like a million times I accidently had caps lock on and I'm in 9th grade not elementary school so back off okay and stop asking that question.
    Especially when they're worth anywhere up to 50% of your mark for that subject x_x

    Ah nice, work and play at the same time =) Theme parks aren't so common round here. I don't remember a whole heap about Tekken except that I always used to beat my cousin by random button-mashing XD Came out with some awesome moves like uh, when Yoshimitsu stuck his sword in the ground and spun while kicking or something. Good times...
    Yay, five 3-hour exams over two weeks in November x_x Fuuun.

    Oh yea, I'd heard about Tekken 6. To be honest, I haven't played any since Tekken 3... XD
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