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  • I lold when I first saw your post in the safari thread - Ditto, Chansey, AND Audino in one Safari? Right. Knew it was too good to be true. Thanks for add anyway, still needed Phanthump and the Chandelure line for my Pokedex so yeah
    thanks, Shiny Chandelure really is awesome ^_^. And sadly I can't do Terrakion, as you have to beat the 8th gym for it to appear, so I've moved to Route 13 to SR Cobalion instead.
    Also, if the method is cheap, then by proxy the shinies obtained via said method must also be cheap, that's simple deduction
    by proxy any method that isn't pure random encountering should be called "cheap" then, but you purposefully went after chain fishing and friend safari shinies... masuda method w/shiny charm is just as cheap by standards of the actual odds
    Just wanted to say that I agree with you completely on what you posted in the Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread. I do think CF is quite cheap, which is why I only used it once. Tbh, it's making me a little angry seeing three new pages of posts every day with nearly all of them being CF/FS shinies and how little attention other shinies are getting in terms of congrats.
    yeah I get you. I used a Everstone for my Raichu, which is why it's Modest. I also put a Destiny Knot on the male Japanese Pikachu parent because it's characteristic is "somewhat vain" which indicates a good SpA IV. Sparky ended up getting 31 IV's in both SpD and Speed Oo.
    Hey just wanted to let you know that you could go after Gastly if you bring a pokemon that knows Taunt, as that'll stop Curse from working. For my Gastly hunt on FR, I have a Hypno with Taunt and Hypnosis. Best of luck getting Pikachu too! ;)
    Oh that's right, I sort of forgot about Gastly having that...Glad my post reminded you before anything bad could happen though :x Good luck with Gastly if you go after it, it's such a great shiny :)
    Well hopefully you can get those targets. Are you able to static for Pikachu in FR, and does it help much?
    Thanks, I felt sort of alone with my opinion :p

    It is really annoying that people are just expecting to find shinies within just a few hours of hunting...It makes me wonder if the increased rates almost exacerbated the 'problem' it's attempting to solve - if before, some people (not referring to hunters) thought shinies were just about impossible to find and would otherwise just give up hope of finding a shiny in their games and not worry about them, they'll now start expecting them and complain even more when they don't find one =\ So it seems like instead of simply satisfying more people by making shinies easier, it's also going to upset those same people just the same when they don't find one quick enough.

    And they definitely don't seem as rewarding...For months leading up to the release, I thought for sure I'd be doing a ton of hunting on the new games, but once I saw how fast everyone was finding shinies, it just didn't even seem like it was worth it anymore.

    Good luck on your side quest and your BQ. In my opinion, it's looking really nice, as I'm really liking that Charmander and Nidoran :) And good luck not giving into the Kalos shiny temptation...Though if you do end up hunting there, good luck anyways :p
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