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  • Hey. You are still active, after all this time. I remember you commenting on my fic "Max's new adventures". It was almost 2 years ago, wow. I am reading my own fic atm, and it feels so good and refreshing, especially since I forgot most of it. You know, it is good in a sense I don't know what is going to happen next in mu chapter (since I forgot lol)
    October - December of 2010, depending on the region, of course. The game purposely ended on a cliffhanger as well. Before that, we're talking a 2002/2003 release for the previous game.
    I definitely think it's a possibility, but it's really a matter of whether or not Sakurai thinks so. But if nothing else, I want to see Lucas come back.
    Yeah, I don't really like Greninja all that much, so he's the first newcomer I'm not really excited to see. I'm more excited about even Rosalina, though that's not saying much. Unless Isaac somehow makes it in, it's really a matter of hoping for my main to be revealed.
    Somewhat disappointing character reveals, but I can't say I was expecting too much. Blaziken is the only Pokemon that I'd have cared about. That said, everything else was great.
    I'll be able to see it in between classes, but I might miss the very end of it, so hopefully nothing amazing happens in the last few minutes of it.
    Yeah, I'd imagine most of that stuff will return. Sakurai said one of his concerns with a SSE-style story mode was the uploading of cutscenes onto the internet, ruining the effect of the cutscenes. Adventure mode on Melee was kinda like that, with the cutscenes being small and not worth anything plot-wise.
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