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*PKMN Trainer Paddy*

So. My name is Paddy and I like Pokemon. Hence the name I guess :D.

My favorite Pokemon are Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra. There are actually very few Pokemon that I can say I dislike come to think of it. I like Shiny Hunting (although with school i dont have much time for that these days) and have found myself recently addicted to wonder trade.

Im also a big football fan. My favorite teams are Manchester United and Barcelona.

And I count myself quite friendly, so if you feel like it, just go on ahead and drop me a VM.

Playing video games (Pokemon in particular!), Playing/Watching Football and Watching TV.
Undella town
Favourite Pokémon


;387; The almighty Turtwig is my claim ;387;

3DS Friend Code: 2621-3316-5077 (Paddy)

If any one has a spare Lopunite could you PM me and we shall negotiate a trade!