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  • Thanks! Is your game leaking shinies? Like seriously that's so amazing! Jealously is kicking in. Yet to meet my first Y shiny :/
    Past legends are given in Z really like other 3rd versions. I thought that pumkaboo was a fairy/dark but sadly it was ghost/grass. I really want a fairy/dark. All new fairies are a bit too cute and stuff. We need a tough looking one.

    I hope Z is like a sequel like B2W2 was! it was a really great way to go.
    My hopes for Z are:
    A new rival like Green/Silver
    New cities, towns and routes
    New starters! Weird I know but A trio of dark/psychic/fighting would be cool for a 3rd version :D
    PWT returns.
    A new plot with a new team. More dramatic. XY was amazing but only near the end. there was no suspense other then that.
    And the things I already mentioned.
    I hope so. i was angry there was no new trio this gen. I want remakes of Ruby/Sapphire(if it happens) to have some new megas for that region and new evolutions for that region. then Z should come afterwards with more new pokemon(20-30) like a trio, a fairy pseudo and more megas for pokemon that really need them like Raichu and Unown
    Oops miss read your post xandys coding. You mean X and Y's coding I guess^^' I think Game freak might play it safe and not put things in the coding and just add them in updates
    I actually really liked Klingklang because it reminded me of magnetite :) there are coding leaks!? Show me NOW!!!!! I dont want to know events but megas, yes please!
    The top hat one :p I dont like that is so much less of them this generation. I cant understand why people dislike 5th gen designs so much. There is only 3 crap ones imo, Throh, Sawk and Basculin. But Ive a feeling Z will introduce more pokemon that are already present in the game coding or will be through an update. It make more people buy 3rd version games.
    Beat 7th gym and in HQ right now actually. I have actually only one new gen pokemon on my team, furfrou. Which is strange since it wasn't even my favourite sixth gen pokemon :/ you have a good team. I wish I used more new gen pokemon :( maybe for X I will!
    You mean you bet Grant : ) My team is Chesnaught, Charizard, Gardevior, Lucario, Furfrou and Absol
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