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  • I know.

    So do you love her as someone on the show, or in love with her?

    oh well. and WOOOOOOOO squidbillies!
    well i gtg too sleep soon. you wanna see a little crappy ninetales i drew?
    ummm by stocking do you mean back in that big room with stuff in it that says employees only?
    and i would love to see some of your work!
    i have very little, if any drawlings im proud of and their mostly just doodles i did in school or something :/
    ewwwww! you have to work with raw meat! *blech* thats probobly the 1 place in a grocery store i wouldent want to work besides the janitor. now the bakery, thats a nice place to work! all those fluffy powderd donuts and caaaake *drools* crap now im hungry c:
    btw are you intersted in drawling or anything like that?
    unfortunatly no ;( its just waaaaaaaaaaay too expensive for me! my parents wouldent even get it for me! i'll wait a while before i get it. IF i do that is.
    i sheeee :3 those are some interesting names.
    when i comes to names in the games, its almost always either, red, emerald, or seth(not my real name)
    and on that note, my real name is Rayne pronounced rainy
    i only use my real name to nickname pokemon, or in PMD.
    ok, now thats a cool way to come up with a name! the only reason my profile is called ninetails012 is becuase i didnt know what a verifying email was the first time i tried joining @_@
    but then again, when i finally got it up and runnig i just started to like ninetales more so wiw win for me :)
    wow, i actually never thought to nickname a ninetales vixen.... *facepalm*
    when i got my ninetales in emerald, HG, SS, etc i usaully named them a shortend version of my name (Sooooooo original) granted that they were male. when they werent, i usally just thought of a name that started with an N :p
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