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  • Thanks for the items
    my mom was bugging me the whole time. She wants me to stretch cuz I went through knee rehab just recently
    I've been better. Sorry that I rarely get on. Last time I was here, people were being rude to me. :/
    That isn't logical fact. That's an internal religious bias. There is no "Thou shall not add more books to this collection of books" rule of the Bible.

    But as long as you recognize your bias, I have nothing more to say.
    I am partially of the same opinion - Pokémon with Baby forms like Wigglytuff and Azumarill should get Evos, that would work, but a lot of things that already have reached Stage 2, such asVileplume, a Baby Oddish wouldn't really have much of a place I don't think. However, I have experimented with possible future evos/pre-evos of Pokémon and have found that some of them do work out alright - I think Bellsprout would be alright to get a pre-evo and maybe something like Gible.
    Sent you a friend request - you're a great conversationalist and I've really enjoyed discussing with you about the additional evolution stage, it's very rare that I get a decent conversation/debate on here these days ^.^
    No, Mormonism is a sect of Christianity. Jesus Christ is a central figure, and one of the books they read is the Bible. Anyone who says it isn't a Christian religion is speaking from a bias of their own religious belief, rather than logical facts.
    You`re not a nerd! Most of the world likes no LOVES pokemon!
    I`m Bethany, pleased to meet you :]
    My name is Ben
    I like Pokemon
    i guess that makes me a nerd
    I have a few favorite pokemon
    If you want to know them message me so that we can become friends
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