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  • Hey pkmnfn! Haven't seen you in a long while >.< How are you?

    School has kept me busy too. I have numerous projects and assignments to do D: I barely have any free time now :/
    I haven't removed you from the shop yet, but if youre gonna be gone like that, then yes, I'll have to remove you.
    Oh well.
    what serp said but i know CT has a stronger wifi community going and you should join cause it is me :p

    also get back online
    Hi pkmnfn. I have some important information. Today TBC was closed due to drama. Right now it's kind of being split up. Elite and Zero are opening up the Chaos Theory while me, Wolf, and Dark are opening The Pokemon Resistance. We're all still friends, however we think this is the best option for now. The choice of which clan to go to is yours.
    Well.. Tbh I don't use RNG Reporter, but PPRNG (the mac version) so as for the actual program, I'm not sure how much help I will be... As for the process of RNGing itself, I can help, I just might not know exactly what all the menus are called in RNG Reporter. ^__^ ;

    And sorry for the late reply, I've been busy =\
    Yeah, me too. I was loaded with schoolwork last week... But this week is not as busy as last week though :3

    Nope, nothing new. If you mean graphics and such, then no... What about you?
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