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  • Thank you for the quick poketransfer!! You are very trustworthy and will come back if i need more things shifted. Thanks again!! :D
    hey man, when your on, you mind breeding a Dw female elekid and poliwag? I got a Dw female corphish and girafarig with your name on it. ( well no, not literally, but..)
    I seem to keep missing you by a few mins (except yesterday; was in the middle of a large chain)... Anyhow, just putting a VM to say I'm still interested in the DW-DW trade.
    hello i would like your custum lampent with perfect ivs in sp attack and speed.i can offer you DW evees which when evolved get their DW worlds abilitys like a espeon would get magic bounce.
    From this point on, any spam or messages unrelated to trading will be deleted- maybe even reported.

    Visitor messages on member profiles are not to be abused and should abide to these general rules.
    Just in case you haven't gone back to my thread...
    I already have both DW Vulpix -&- Darumaka...
    Sorry :(
    Ello. =) Decided to post the reply to the Advice Thread here:

    2 weeks is plenty time. =) Just believe in yourself, practice and don't overdo it. At least that way, you can say that you at least gave it your best shot! And that's all anyone can ask of you.

    (Out of curiosity, what sort of algebra is it? I MAY be able to help with a few things. Depends though, as judging by the sound of it, my country's educational system is different...)
    If you're about at the moment, would you like to trade a DW poliwag female for my shiny ut chansey?
    I have a good number of DW Pokemon you don't have yet, including Hoppip, Ponyta, Taillow, and a few others I can't name at the moment. I'll check later or you can see my post in the DW trade thread to see for yourself. If interested, just send me a VM or PM so we can negotiate.
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