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  • Basically, it's a tool for pokemon. It will have EV calculators and such, but right now it only has a level trainer. I'm working on the save system right now, and once I'm done with that I will be using the button for a level counter which as you are training, once you level-up, you click the button (the one you made) and it will bump the level of your pokemon up one, and change the saved data, and the corresponding statistics. Most of the things I'm going to do are something someone else has already done, but I'm using this as an opportunity to learn the coding language, all while creating a tool I can, and will use right off of my desktop.
    I work on the phones validating insurance policies, dealing with engineers trying to fix people's things, and giving quotes for things to be built/completed. We do quite alot of things as we are a multi-faceted company, and the pay is good and the people nice, so I'm happy :3
    That's ok, I saw how many requests you had lol, I appreciate you still making them.

    Would 'Tourney Org' fit better?

    Thanks :3
    ya true u cant well if u ever want to do an inclan shop u can they will spend points to buy the art from u and ull get the points
    ya go there if u want but if you dont wanna do too many requests u could always open a small in clan shop i could let u do it on my post so that there isnt too many requests
    Like this?
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