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  • Who doesn't? lol
    I just got my last report card for the year today, meaning summer has "officially" started for me, but after we got done with final exams last week I no longer had to go.
    The last few days are really for people that need to make up work, or for the unlucky few that have parents that make them go everyday.
    Because I you're such a big fan of Pokemon, do you have a favorite Pokemon in particular? My absolute favorite Pokemon is Swampert.
    That's quite a nice collection. As for me I have:

    Pokemon Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver (lost), Crystal (given away), Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond (given away), Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold (given away), SoulSilver, Blue Rescue Team (traded to Gamestop), Red Rescue Team, Explorers of Time and Sky, Ranger (given away), Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia, Colosseum, and XD. You can count Melee if you want.

    I just realized I had a lot of stuff given away. They have their reasons though.
    A trip to Europe! I think it sounds really fun, mostly because I love to travel. Of the places you mentioned I've only been to France. Japan would be awesome :)
    In the US? How cool! I've never been there :)
    Awhh, thanks! You're right! The world needs more hugs :D

    Ah, too bad! I live in Sweden and we've had like winter uptil this month :p So I'm extremely happy about the beautiful weather we have here now!
    Oh, okay! Sounds chill ;D It's really really warm here. I'm at home now, writing an essay. Not fun ;( Where do you live? :)
    Hello! I'm a 17 year old girl too. And I like making new friends! ;D So, what are you doing now? :)
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