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  • Oh good, how excited are you for DP161?
    I'm like trying so hard not to get too worked up, especially since we're gonna find out why Kenny and Leona call Dawn Deedee. I really can't wait. and Dawn really didn't want Ash to know either.
    I don't think I actually ever introduced myself to you, have I? Well, I'm Erin.
    Anyways, how you doing?
    (snorting with disapproval) This girl you speak of seems to me rather unpleasant, so it may be wise and appropriate for you and your friends to exclude her and renew your happiness between each other. Hopefully, you will be able to incorporate some new friends into your group, girls more likely to be confident in themselves and each other, without having to go around spreading misinformation to make others look bad.
    What? I have absolutely no idea why those kids would go that far, but I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them after a stunt like that. In my case, I may typically prefer branching out to different kinds of people... most likely with similar thought processes to mine. In any case, feel free to share any other concerns you have about those kids. I seriously doubt that Ash and Dawn would enjoy hearing about that kind of apparent abandonment.
    Aha. Greetings once more, and thank you for accepting my offer. You may have seen Codename: Kids Next Door's... return to Cartoon Network, if its television schedule continues to hold up. It may be surprising that I would develop an interest in a television program about a group of five kids running around acting like spies, but some of those kids' basic features have proven quite helpful in making clear some things that I might have considered more confusing in the past, most likely in terms of perspective. Two pairings in particular have caught my attention, Nigel/Rachel and Wally/Kuki. Nigel Uno is the leader of Sector V, while Rachel McKenzie is the leader of the Kids Next Door worldwide. Meanwhile, Wally Beetles and Kuki Sanban are considered the Kids Next Door's most popular couple, most likely recognizable to the rest of their friends, which would tell me that these two kids possess quite a bit of common sense in what they do. It may not be too much to work with at first, but I should have fun thinking this development through.
    Greetings once more. Other than the rather addictive "Greatest Everyday" from this morning -- if not as addictive overall as "High Touch" -- everything seems quiet around me today, as perhaps the rest of this first week of 2010 has been. I have been reaching out to several other interests of mine, including a past cartoon that seems to have made its way back to Cartoon Network. Would you like me to describe Codename: Kids Next Door?
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