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  • pmyers8171. I am about to take a shower (I just got back from soccer practice) but I'll send a message to you (if you're online) once I'm back.
    That'd be cool. What's your Shoddy username? I'm not online too often, but if I'm ever online, I'll search for you. And thanks for messaging me.
    Sorry I started watching a movie, so yeah I have 4/6 pokemon done.I have one more pokemon to EV and I need to breed one more. (then EV it)
    Well, i think the reason why people don't use Jolteon, because of its low attack and defense.
    what do you think?
    did you see the new Sprites for Jolteon in pokemon HG/SS?
    (i dont think its good, Diamond and Pearl Sprites are better and are my favorite)
    :)I'm replaying pearl version so I can beat it and unlock pal park again. Since we're about 5-6 months away of release of the remakes, I plan to turn pearl into a "storage" system so I could tranfer pokemon that I want into heart gold/soul silver. I am also doing a fast run on ruby version so I could take the pokemon from there and put it into pearl. Last but not least I was able to get another pokemon fire red version after my first two copies one being fake-didn't function and broke, and the other in which I bought from someone and that person ended up stealing my money and never sent me the game. Oh yeah, sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner! :p
    You are very welcome, if no one is online on Tinychat at the time, you can just PM them asking for them to get online. Kycap does that quite a bit.
    You click Insane Chat at the top of the page (I prefer that because it opens a separate window all-together), or you can use the smaller version at the bottom of the page, all you have to do to use it is enter a nickname (of your choice) and there should be an IM box (similar to the ones on AIM) and viola! Your in business.
    The moderators are; Me, Kycap, ICTN, Remelia and the Key members are Undecided (even though he hasnt been around much lately) Mastertrebor117.
    You know, I dont know if you know this, but Insane Trainers, has the HIGHEST post count of any social group on Serebii, its like 3950 right now.
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