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  • Hi, I'm the owner of Pokemon U.K. and Purple Mew has kindly added the monthly update onto the Pokemon UK group, please comment and discuss!

    Shiny Timid Azelf after 2560 SR
    Shiny Quiet Uxie after 356 SR

    Working on the legendery birds (trying to get them shiny - neigh on impossible) and mespirit (damn thing keeps getting away - mean look + yawn finally got it)
    Currently, I just caught Giratina with an ultra ball and soft resetting for a shiny timid Azelf. I haven't got any pokes spare on platinum, but I have Level 52 adamant Zapdos and level 52 modest articuno and level 70 admant Mewtwo, PM if you want to trade
    Wow! You have platinum right? Well do you have a giritina lv 45 , lv 30 regis, lv 60 bird trio or lv 70 palkia and dialga from platinum to spare?
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