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  • I've been fine, albeilt rather busy. In a week will have some more time though.
    Custom avatars are one of the pros of being a mod. :)
    GG also has been rather busy...
    And now it's down again it seems...

    It's playing up more than Serebii has recently! This isn't right, it supposed to be the other way round! ;)
    It all started when I gave her this avatar:
    then she really liked it and she thanked me for it and she accepted my friend request.
    Then riolu 9 noticed that I was friends with her, he sent a friend request without even posting on her profile and he just thought she was a ROM hacker and a Riolu fan. But then my other friend Kevin33193 also pestered her with a friend request and posted on her profile and she didn't know who they were, that might have been the cause of all this. As when I thought Golden Riolu said to me that to not send any visitor messages to her on PC. And I really thought that it was only on PC, so I had no choice but to talk to her on SPPf, where she normaly comes here more then PC. But before I talked to her on SPPf, I already had an account. I joined because I liked this forum I wanted to see some of the things on SPPf. I didn't join because of her, it was because I liked the forum that Serebii created. And if only if my friends didn't start sending friend requests to her and start posting and asking her about ROM hacking. :( Why did this have to happen? I gave her a good avatar, and she thanked me for it. I will never forget the day when I gave her that avatar. I don't mean to have soooooo many friends, but some of them have sent me a friend request without getting to know me. I don't want to become friends with everyone though. Everything I've done, I just didn't expect my friends to start asking about ROM hacking. Why did all this have to happen? Because I didn't tell my friends about Golden Riolu, they just saw her on my friend list and then riolu 9 thought she was a ROM hacker, and it lead to khan and kevin33193 thinking that she was a ROM hacker, but she wasn't. As I am Silver Riolu, the person who just is always is into Pokémon games, I've always known to have collected nearly all of the Pokémon games. I'm really into Pokémon Platinum that's going to be released, I just can't wait for Pokémon Platinum. It's going to be the best of the Generation IV games, I hope Golden Riolu knows about this, and I hope she'll like it. As I am Silver Riolu, hope to talk to GG again soon.

    ...curiously, is it that important to get to know her? On PC you have about a million friends already...

    I think she's still edgy, really.
    She's been quiet the last few days... I guess she doesn't like being pestered. I told her what you said BTW. Just don't worry about it.
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