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Last Activity:
Jul 28, 2011
Jul 17, 2010
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October 9
Lostlorn Forest

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<- Caught it!, from Lostlorn Forest

~Platinum~ was last seen:
Jul 28, 2011
    1. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      The 3D Top screen.

      Yes. That a problem?
    2. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      It's good. Didn't get any launch titles. The 3D is more of a backgroundish thing rather than a pop out thing, from what I've seen. Plus the battery life for mine is about 4-5 hours. I should add though that half that time was spent playing Pokemon Black and at maximun 3D effect for most the rest of the time, except when I was playing with the depth slider. An additional plus is that the sweetspot is bigger than you would think reading all the previews and reviews. My problem is that I don't live in a big city, so I can't use StreetPass effectively. I haven't tried out SpotPass, (don't know how) but I assume it'll be similiar to StreetPass except on a Wi-Fi scale. The first major update for the 3DS comes out in May and that includes Internet, the E-Shop, and a bunch other things. Pasted from a friend's page. I don't to do it all again...

      Nope. Except my brother and mother went to the Humane Socitey today.
    3. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      That's true.

    4. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Yep. She doesn't know.

      Hey, you do too.

      Thank you.

      I got it. :)
    5. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Well I just spent it to her, so I have to wait till she's on...

      Oh god, and the dogs I have now live a dozen and a fourth years.....

      Greedy, Greedy.

      Only works for DSi's and 3DS's I think. Anyway I learned today that the GTS is offline!!! How will I get my Zekrom/Thunderus now?

      Anyway Spring Break '11. Off to troll this site for the next week and a half or until I get my shiny 3DS.
    6. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Or Skiyomi. She's on more.

      The dog I want lives for 12-15 years. Shepadoodles, I don't know.


      That's true.
    7. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I'll check the Forum Leaders.

      A puppy. They last longer.

      Unless they air commercials with them.

      I'm still sorry. I didn't konw your team was 20 levels lower than my team...
    8. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Alright. Just need to find who is in charge of them SG entirely...

      I dug myself a hole. My mom found one. I gotta hope against hope it's a no, and then I can swoop in and offer my dog of choice!

      They can and they might. I sorta hope they upload them on the Internet.

      Only works against half of them. Plus the other half is good or really resistant against Ice. Yours? Maybe, why?
    9. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I'll try and ask though. Sound good?


      Though it may be a year, which would really suck.

      That's cool. I decided on my Wi-Fi team, which is now Salamence, Empoleon, Gallade, Lucario, Haxorus and Krookodile.
    10. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Leave it. Might get a strike...

      Probably a Shepadoodle.

      Month or two.

      Almost everything.
    11. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I have no idea.

      Same as above.

      That's true.

      Watch anything else on Cartoon Network?
    12. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      You want to be 2nd in command? Sure. I'm not designing them. You can if you want.

      Nope. It has something to do with generics. You can have all three colors in the same litter, if you want.

      Wasn't that before we knew about TP though?
    13. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Well I hope Skiyomi joins too. I want her to be second in command. And you, Bridge, and Indragon commanders...

      That's true. But most purebreds have more problems than mixes do. Not really Retrievers though...

      I've been waiting since the first image of the TP guy in the Desert in November? I think. Since than I wanted to see it more and more and more!
    14. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I'm going to make 2 more discussions for it...

      Sorry for being hard on you...

      That may be good, may be bad.

      I hate it...
    15. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I made it. And its sorta Invite only so I invited you and Indragon first.
    16. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Ok. How do I make one?

      Regigigas in Pokeball. That must have been hard considering the fact its Level 1...

      What kind of Lab is she?
    17. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      That's true.

      So should we make it a social group?

      Maybe. Cause I caught all three Musketeers and Reshiram in Pokeballs.

      Better an allergic reaction then death. Unless it is death. Do you think it was chocolate?
    18. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I do. I read 200 words a minute or so as of my last timed test which was 6/7/5 years ago...

      Yes. To make you and I rulers of the world.

      Sounds cool... Tell me more.

      What level is Pawniard?

    19. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      You just play. I have also caught 173 Pokemon species, and have every legendary until Gen 5. I also caught the Three Musketeers. I'm on Kyrumen's trail...

      We should make that a Social Group...

      For the challenge.


      Yep. Only about a square foot a year
    20. Indragon
      Haha yeah, what kept you?

      Yup, they're yellow. 'Nuff said.

      Ah, a connoisseur of the arts. ;P

      Whoa! Talk about getting lucky. :D I'll have to try and match that...

      I'm picking it up a few hours later actually. Yes, I'm criminally late. *hangs head in shame*
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    Lostlorn Forest
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