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  • You’re better off not wasting your time with GarchompChain.
    You're most likely right. I get people having criticisms, but he's on another level.
    Yeah I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt but he’s most likely trolling and finds anything to nitpick on.
    [character's verb] and [Pokemon that appears] sounds awkward. Try this translation: Mao's Runaway from Home and Yareyutan!

    Also, here's a series with unannounced air dates along with TV guide descriptions that have leaked.

    Pokémon the Mini-Series: The Untold Stories
    Beauty and the Beach (Our heroes go on an adventure to Porta Vista, but what will they find?)
    Safari Confrontations (A secret kept by the safari warden, Kryptoy, sends Ash and friends on the lookout for a secret which the warden denies any relation to.)
    The Virtual Pokémon, Porygon (Team Rocket enters the virtual world and attempts to steal rare Pokémon to hijack the system, administrated by Professor Zachary.)
    Weather or Not (The Icy Cave presents a whole new mystery, and a hugely significant problem when the temperatures between it and the cave go out of consistency.)
    Shaking Battle Maneuvers (A visit to the Seacoast Island enters into a meetup with a young boy named Aaron. But the Barboach and Whiscash seem to have a huge feud going on!)
    A Balancing Artifact! (Ash and his friends decide to follow suit with Professor Juniper. Meanwhile, a party held exclusively for Unova's elite people gets Team Rocket excited in a team-on-team showdown against Team Plasma.)
    The Fight for the Right to the Meteonite! (Continuing on the act, with Pikachu being worn out, it decides to follow on and fight to the finish to destroy the Meteonite as well as Team Plasma's scheme, which could potentially destroy Castelia City!)
    Can you please clear your message space? You can archive them all in a TXT file and store them elsewhere.
    As you appear to be one with one of the highest post counts in things such as the anime forums, I'll let you know Netflix's Japanese service does not include the Poké Question segment, and I've checked. It doesn't even include next episode previews, although it does retain the Dare da? segment. So no, unlike the claims on Bulbapedia, only Hulu, Amazon Prime, and TV Tokyo-affiliated channels that don't air the episode at the same time as TV Tokyo but a later time (in other words, "the ones that air it in delay") have it.
    Yes and on the page of the episode in the list of the species that appear.

    Is it because it appeared on a picture or something?
    Thank You! Yea I was hoping to get some more details, especially the face Ash makes when he does the Z-move, but no luck.
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