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  • Plus side down side, great choice picking Belle as your favorite Disney Princesses. Little known fun fact about me is that Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies of all time. Everything about it was fantastic- the protagonists, the side characters, the villain, the songs, the animation, the moral, the humor, the performance. I really is such a great movie.
    That sounds about right.

    Keep forgetting I can apply for a job at some television stations out here, but I'm not interested in broadcasting, and even though they may have graphic design jobs, it's probably easier to go for Best Buy and stuff when it comes to those jobs. I dunno, I'd like to be able to work with a flexible schedule and even have the possibility to work at home, or at least bring work home anyway.
    It would be if the government would've just signed into law that filmmakers wouldn't be taxed to film here so we can get more jobs coming our way. (The bill proposing it was brought to their attention and died/shot down three times.) I wish tuition was cheap xD.
    Yup. So I'll probably be okay. Even then, there's some video game companies out here (I don't know the names, though, they're probably indies) that I could apply for as well. Don Bluth used to have an animation studio here, but he closed it after Anastasia/Titan A.E., though he has a studio over in Ireland. He does live close-by in Scottsdale, though, and still teaches animation from time to time. So who knows what the future holds.
    Probably, if I moved out of state, and I don't want to leave Arizona. I'll probably have a better chance of finding a job as a graphic designer than to work on film (unless I work freelance). Mom had brought up to me a few weeks ago that some postal offices like OfficeMax and the like have graphic design departments, so I may get something by looking into those jobs.
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