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  • Film and Video Productions, specifically the effects route. Though a couple of years ago, I realized I probably should've gone down the graphic design route, as fun as it was in learning about movies. So I might be going to another school to take a few classes.
    Lol, wow. Well, I've heard some goldfish are resilient, so who knows. And we'll see if I remember to buy it if I see it and have the money on me.
    XD Interesting way to put it, lol. But goldfish are dirty (even more-so when you have two), so you can probably only ignore it for a couple of days at the most. So I dunno, if I ever do decide to buy a copy, I might end up enjoying it. I wouldn't know until I try it, after all.
    I don't really keep up with video game news, but even if I had known of it, I don't think I would've bought it. Though as of late, after watching Chuggaaconroy's let's play of New Leaf, I realize I missed out on something good. But since it's something that you pretty much have to keep up with daily, I don't think I would've played it the way it's supposed to be played.
    I don't think that's something that would happen, honestly. Don't know of any 3DS that has done that.
    Lol, it's okay. I wasn't really very clear about it as I have two brothers who play the games like I do, but they're on a two-year mission right now, and won't be back until next year. They left a month before X/Y came out, and the one brother had pre-ordered his game so I picked it up for him along with mine. The other twin might've expressed desire for an X/Y game, but he never pre-ordered anything. But since we have fond memories of R/S, I know they both will want a copy of their own, even if it means sharing the 3DS, lol. So I'm guessing that it'll be one Alpha Sapphire and two Omega Ruby versions I may pre-order. I also am thinking of setting aside money as well for my own 3DS at the same time, but I'll have to work out the calculations, and also make sure Wal-Mart is starting to pre-order. (They both worked at Wal-Mart before they left, so they were able to tell me when exactly when we could start pre-ordering. If I remember correctly, it started in June.)
    I'm pretty much one of the (if not the at this point) youngest in my graduating class. I entered college about three months right out of high school.

    Cancelling what, the pre-order after pre-ordering o~o?
    I go to a school full of nerds (if they're not a hipster, or at least wannabe hipsters, I dunno), but only a couple of students briefly brought it up before class started. It was probably more livelier at the other campus, lol. If I was in a group of fellow nerds, I probably would've expressed my excitement over it. Ah well, there's so few of us now anyway.

    Still thinking on whether I should pre-order three games instead of two since the one twin would probably like OmegaRuby (the other would want AlphaSapphire for sure), but I don't have a 3DS of my own, so I figured this would be a good time to get one of my own so I wouldn't have to continue borrowing the other twin's 3DS while they're gone for the next year-and-a-half. I have time before the pre-orders are ready, so I'll just prepare myself for it either way.
    It was fine. Woke up groggy because I typically wake up at nine, but because I had class at eleven today (and tomorrow), I had to wake up an hour earlier so that way I could wake up and have something in my belly before I left. The announcement really got me up and running the moment I saw it, lol. Then class wasn't too bad, managed to follow the instructions while derping around on here. (We were going over how to implement 3D objects in a single video frame and transfer it over to After Effects as an entire video without rendering it as a movie file.)
    If they're going for Emerald's story, it might be Wallace who's the champion, and that means Juan stays in the game, and Steven will just go mine stones and not really have a purpose. But anything's up for grabs at this point as to what's going and what's staying.
    I would like to do the Hoenn Battle Frontier since I never played Emerald. But yeah, Wally needs to do more things.
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