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  • I'm just more curious as to what changes they're making to the story. Chances are it's the Emerald story, but I wonder what they're adding or changing.
    They don't look any different on the box-art, people are just getting a little too excited. It just looks cool right now until we get more information, and I think it's a neat touch that shows how powerful they are. They're Titans, after all, they control a particular element. Might as well show it off.
    I don't know, the mindset over at Game Freak confuses me a little. As long as Mega Evolutions aren't distracting and are optional throughout the game, I don't care.
    True, true.

    I'll still be picking Torchic, but I'm not a big fan of Mega Evolutions to begin with, and I found it was pretty unnecessary outside of when the plot forced you to use it. So chances are I'm not using Mega Blaziken. But maybe there will be Mega Evolutions for the other Hoenn starters, otherwise that would just be unfair and ridiculous.
    I don't know, I'm still laughing over it since we were just talking about it. But yeah, I expect it to look a bit different, but still be the same Hoenn we all know and love. Just hope the water routes are fixed.
    I thought the later games were technically sequels, in all honesty. Isn't it hinted somewhere that R/S/E takes place around the same time as R/B/Y, meanwhile D/P/Pt takes place a little after the second generation? Unless that's just fan speculation... but honestly, if they were to have made a sequel for R/S/E, they would've done so a long time ago. I'd be all for it, but I don't think it'll happen outside of the remakes.
    We shall see what they do. It's only been half a year since it was released, so we'll probably get something next year. And it would be nice to have R/S/E remakes, but then wouldn't that mean the PCs get a redesign o.o? I mean yeah, Ethan's design didn't really change, and I doubt that May will be replaced, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't happen to Brendan, even though I think he's popular enough that he would get a nice redesign.
    Haven't played the Poképark games, but I've seen let's plays of the two. They look cute, and the second one looks surprisingly dark for a kid's game. (Didn't see it all the way, but from what I had seen, it was a bit creepy.)
    I never played any of the Orre games (for some reason), but after watching Chuggaaconroy's let's play of the games, I began to feel bad that I never got to experience it for myself. I think it should be time for us to revisit Orre, but I don't know if they have anything else they could do. Well, XD left hints that maybe the adventure/Cipher plot could continue, but it's been almost ten years now... At least I have Mystery Dungeon, so at least I had fun with that spin-off. (Still have to play Gates to Infinity, though.) Another MD game would be good, but the one spin-off that needs to be done is Pokémon Snap 2.

    Or something similar to Pokémon Puzzle League (or Puzzle Challenge--they're pretty much the same thing). I will play the hell out of that game if they did that for the 3DS, I will need to be pried away from the game in order to do something, lol. I've had withdrawals from Puzzle League before. Wasn't fun.
    Oh, another Zelda game? Nice, I really need to pay more attention to E3 conferences. I heard that it started to sell more in Japan the past year, but yeah, I can see it breaking even unless something really big happens and it pulls ahead. The Wii U is backwards compatible, right?

    Ah, the new Pokémon game in the works isn't for any console outside of the 3DS, if I remember correctly. (I think the new Pikachu game in the works is slated for a Wii U and 3DS release.)
    I'd like one too, but yeah, it's still pricey right now. Also doesn't help that there aren't too many great games available right now (which is what helped hurt it amongst other things), though it should all be picking up about now. I can see the new Smash Brothers game being the best-selling game on the system, and probably increase purchases, but we shall see.

    Either way, Nintendo's still doing well. I think it was about time they had another flop, as sad as that sounds.
    Oh yeah, now I remember hearing about that. Still doesn't sound malicious, though, but Microsoft has made some dumb decisions that unless you're a Microsoft fanboy, they get bashed/made fun of for it. I don't know much about consoles either (not even about Nintendo's consoles), everything I've known/heard has come from a friend of mine who follows these things. He's become more of a PC gamer than console gamer in recent years since there's much more potential and it's indie-friendly, though he still cares about the future of consoles and gaming in general.
    That's true. I mean, I don't really know of any gaming companies that really pick on each other, it's always been the fans. I'm more of a casual gamer anyway, so I don't know if Sony took personal jabs at Mircosoft or Sega at Nintendo when they're not trying to copy off on Nintendo's successes.
    Probably thought Ninja Turtles would save them. Oh well.

    Haven't heard much of their live-action outside of movies, but even then, they throw too much money at these rather-obscure franchises (plus bad scripts, from what I heard of The Lone Ranger) and then they don't get it all back. Which is probably why they bought out Marvel and Lucas Films, now that I think about it... It's a bit of a shame, since they've made a lot of good live-action films. Wonder what happened.

    I can see the two becoming dueling networks. That'd be interesting to see.
    That type of optimism really is needed. I too believe that there's something coming up in the future as well, but first a lot of the bad stuff has to come through. Breadwinners should hopefully be the lowest of the low, and that nothing worse will come up. Hopefully. Though I think at this point, another generation will have to go by before something really good comes along. The Dark Age of Animation lasted about a good two generations before it gave out for the Renaissance Age, so I imagine the same thing will happen here. It's a bit sad to see, but that makes the future more exciting even when things look bleak.

    But probably by that time, Nickelodeon will be on its last legs, if not gone. At this rate, I don't think anything can save the network, or at least return it to what it once was, but we shall see what happens, especially after the SpongeBob movie, which I'm hoping will mark the end of SpongeBob or close to it ending. They'll still run reruns, but they'll have to find a new darling eventually.
    Mandy's the interesting one, actually, since she seemed to have been a bit sadistic for a "parent" figure, or "straight man", and she's caused her share of disturbances in the universe (that I can remember besides when she smiled). Though I do remember she got flanderized as such when Billy got dumber. In fact, flanderization is the worst one, in all honesty, that really needs to stop since it's the biggest source of a lot of problems. It's really not that difficult for character development, even in comedy-driven slapstick cartoons. But I think that can all be blamed on the executives and not necessarily the writers/producers since they're following orders. Unfortunately, corporations just want their money, they don't care about the entertainment value and don't believe that the audience wants anything new. The latter may be true in some aspects since most people don't like to step out of their comfort zone, but that's because we've been fed the same crap over and over that we can't bring ourselves to like anything else.
    Well of course it's not a big deal, but perhaps that is why CN isn't advertising Steven Universe very well, because they realize that the female characters are "taking the spotlight" and it just rustles their jimmies over it. Maybe they're under the impression that girls should always be pretty-looking and animated as such (which is what the lead animator for Frozen complained about). I don't know, did they replace the executive yet (the one who enforced live-action onto the network), or is he still there and he's the one that's having the problems over it?

    I don't know of any buzzkill female characters, I think both genders have this equal balance of being the buzzkill depending on the show. Also depends on how well those characters are written, too.
    I hear that's another problem the network has: not advertising things well. It's ridiculous.

    McDonald's always had the boy and girl toys, though I honestly don't remember always getting the girl toys. But yeah, it's an odd "gender equality" thing that's been going on for a long while now. Yeah, I know girl toys can still be marketable (hell, that's all it really is good for), but boys' toys will make the bigger bucks, it always has.

    We're still a male-oriented society, and I don't think that's going to change. And I honestly don't care, I grew up on a lot of guy things though I still had girly things here and there (I don't have sisters, so it's natural I played with more guy toys). And actually, I don't think a lot of kids care, either, as long as they're being entertained. Sure, it'd be nice to have more female leads, but it would be more nice if we had more shows like The Powerpuff Girls in which it catered to both boys and girls.
    Sounds like a possibility, especially since the 90s kids are starting to get into the work field, and the 80s kids have already been making things. But honestly, I don't see "subtle adult humor" as "90s nostalgia". The joke about Robyn being an accident I found hilarious as a kid because I caught it (I was ten). I still think it's worth a snicker, especially because of how she delivered the line. I'm certain adult humor can be naturally put into a cartoon, and there's proof of this. (I always look back at the Warner Bros. cartoons from the 90s, though Who Framed Roger Rabbit is an excellent example--if only because the story was mature to begin with while they also understood their roots and their audience.) But it is obvious when it's been phoned in, and that's how I feel watching the newer cartoons. It is true that trying to be more adult is childish, and unfortunately this is a mindset that children are having as well, and the producers are noticing this--or at least they think they are which is why they make the "adult" jokes childish.

    Meanwhile, it doesn't help that the networks are turning away very creative shows that would've broken the mold so they can have the same damn thing over and over again. Cartoon Network's been getting better, but they have that "BOYS SELL TOYS" mindset that is hurting them (they won't pitch shows where the main character is female because "it won't sell toys", completing forgetting what happened with The Powerpuff Girls). I haven't seen the show, but from what I've heard, the creators of "Steven Universe" managed to get the okay because the main protagonist is a boy, but the three female characters are the ones who have a lot of focus.
    LOL, you mean she didn't see the giant "M" on the box? Holy crap, but still, that must've been interesting XD. I wonder how far you actually got into the game, lol. A friend of mine (whom loved the Rare games) enjoyed it, though I don't remember if he played it as a kid or not.

    My mom hated The Simpsons from the very first episode, but she tolerated it for years (because Dad countered her about it or something) until sometime in the mid-2000s when she finally put her foot down and banned it from the house and got rid of everything-Simpsons related we had. By then, I had gotten bored of the show, so I didn't complain. The thing that really gets to Mom the most is nudity, though language is iffy as well. For years, we had the V-chip on (it wasn't activated until I was in elementary school I think, though), and I think all TVs still come with the V-chip, but my parents got too lazy to activate it, since it honestly did get annoying.

    She's really the most strict when it comes to cartoons, she really hates how cartoons aimed at children will sneak things in, though I don't remember her objecting to it as a kid. Probably because things were more subtle back then than they are now (which is one of the reasons why I can't stand a lot of children's cartoons these days next to the fact they tend to insult the child's intelligence).
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