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  • I'm terrible at accents. It might be due to my being hard of hearing, but yeah, my accents sound horrible.

    Well I guess you could tack it on along with like a degree in literture...

    ternany iz liek wut jewleuz seazar di nd u shuld maek a contry.

    Plus Skype.
    Yep, silly rednecks. :p But they don't believe my accents.

    That should totally be a thing.

    yus Travisland! evury1 wuld love mai ternany.

    I really should look for my webcam...
    Eh, I usually just nod at people, pretending to be mute works well.

    Eh, all these different -mologists get confusing.

    i no but stoopid guvrnment roolz i shuld mak mai own contry.
    Well, then yes. Bit usually they don't understand my accent, and thus I must explain to them.

    Yeah, but isn't knowledge unlimited? I mean with so many things being constantly discovered, so I guess you were right with your limit of epistemology.

    yus dat wuld b s0 awsum! 2 bad i hav 2 w8 until im 35.
    *le poke*

    I has a new Ask Will up, its a video segment. (You should come on the xat or skype if you can, I misses yous :#)
    Depends on how you define normally. But I only do it when they speak grunts and groans. OR IF THEY PLAY THE BANJO!

    Isn't Epistemology the study of knowledge?

    i culd b prezident nd i woldnt b a dicktator... wel mayb...
    I may have got into a few fights for telling a few rednecks I don't speak inbred...

    Everything? YOU MUST TELL ME!

    Yay, im tote good at covincin ppl. :)
    I dunno about Canadian rednecks, but where I live is Redneck central.
    Is this for the paint or sweatshop statements?


    :7 I think that's a smirk...
    Yep and the fact that Australians are the Rednecks of the Southern Hemisphere.

    Depends on what they make.

    Oils are so much more, I don't even know how to describe them, I'll just say better.

    Why were we talking in parentheses?

    Oops, I guess that extra .4 makes the difference. And I never shop at Walmart unless I have to. DOWN WITH THE MEGA CORPORATIONS!

    Yep. That's why I started huffing paint, much more colourful.

    (Yeah, but unfortunate for me because I'm friends with the top five posters in the count to 60 game.)

    Yeah, with only like three people per kilometer, I don't think there's enough people in Canada for a Walmart.

    Who said I stopped? Just joking, I haven't touched any nail polish remover in years.

    (You can thank Activity for that. Stupid VBullitin update)

    Sometimes, usually when my local farmer's market doesn't have any.

    According to my mom, I used to chew on ice and liked sniffing nail polish remover.

    :) (BK if you're reading this and get shipping ideas, I'll kill you.)

    I'll have to have a look in Walmart.

    I know, I don't think he finished it though, I think he just gnawed on it a lot. What a crazy kid.

    I dunno, I'm just saying. And you're one of my favourite people online too.

    Spartan? I don't think I've ever tried one of them.

    Well according to what he says...insanity....

    I'll have to go back and read. And you don't need to worry about not talking to you, unless at somepoint in the future you don't want me to talk to you.

    I can't think of any more smiley smilies...
    All sorts really, sour ones, sweet ones, as long as they're crisp.

    I don't know, but when you're YDT, you don't need to follow the laws of physics.

    I've never really read old convos, is there anything really mean? Or are you just saying that?

    Exactly! There's a flavour of apple for whatever taste you like.

    No problemo.

    Yeah, YDT is freakin' crazy. Not only in XDI bit in real life. He eats doorknobs and licks his elbows...

    True, but still, I'm shocked people talked to me after it.

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