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  • Page 503, post 10043. That's when Fad's Character PDI starts.

    Oh my god! I responded to it so badly. I. Am. So. Ashamed...
    Who doesn't?!

    Eh, I guess it's like a tv trope sorta thing, it's hard to explain on my phone though.

    I know, but I don't see what makes me Spinda-ish, besides from my originality.

    He did it like last year, it was on the PDI thread, Bug was the host, I'll go try and find the link.
    It's "Coming Along". xD

    Seriously though, I've just started the actual progression to the campsite, and am TIRED. >_>
    Sour cream? YEAH!!!!

    Nah, only the ones that are killed off besides the fact that they usually would be able to save themselves or for no reason other then to make the hero go down a roarin' road of revenge.

    Uh... Fad's character PDI, which showcased me as a newb, and Med's XDI. I was actually thinking of using that verison in a game, but I couldn't think of a poke. Some people suggested Spinda...
    Oh good, nothing evil ir demonic about that then, right?

    It is a stupid syndrome, and a bit overused imo.

    Oh yeah, that. Well you sorta double die in that, what with you being two characters.
    :O If what ever you bought was spicy, or if I believed in Christian religion, I'd be scared.

    Badcase of Girlfriend in a refrigerator syndrome? And in what do you die?
    I had it set, I was always told I'm in the Central Time Zone, Serebii says GMT -6 is Central.

    Meanwhile, Serebii says GMT -6 is an hour behind every clock I see........it's confusing. >_>
    Converted.......... yeah.............. I did that. >_>

    Actually today's finally a day off from heavy schoolwork. Recently, I HAD TO WRITE AN ESSAY IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION! XD
    Normally only until 11:00-12:00 GMT -6,

    but I gotta get this story done cause I'm gonna have a large amount of school work tomorrow.
    Yay for lowering of our personalities due to school.


    I dunno. I had no idea for a character, so I just picked you to base a character off of. And I guess Med was lazy and copied me.
    Well, my story is going to include all the characters, so it would probably have to do with the people who play specific characters.

    Ex. One person is inactive, and honestly lucky to still be in this, so I had some ideas. Another, one person is the brother of the person who was last eliminated, so I could do a thing involving that.

    My main idea is actually quite excellent. :) (This story isn't going to be anything large, so it'd be a little chaotic to include multiple twists)
    Yes, though I'm not sure what to pick.

    I have a couple of ideas, though not sure if any'd be awesome.
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