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  • Okay this might not help you much but I decided to draw my background too. I decided to draw them on the beach their back towards the ocean and tidal wave behind them (because I thought it would be interesting/amusing) maybe you and/or Bugwarrior can use that. You also have them in the woods, on a dock, around a campfire it doesn't have to be the exact Wawanakwa Island, does it?

    You know what they say when life give you lemons, makes some darn good lemonade. I started drawing it, it's looking pretty good so far.
    Hmm... I really hadn't thought about it. I'm drawing the whole thing by hand and I'm trying to get how I'm going to place the characters first... I tell you once I give it more thought.
    Hello P+M How are you?

    What is this about a picture on PDI? From what I understand, you are drawing them correct? Well, anyways, you do have my permission to use Silver if it is what I think it is.
    That's okay. I was just wondering since you had been so prompt before when it came time to review. I suspected you were probably working on something.
    Coolies. Wanna have a contest? Just between us two. First, you get to choose the Chao we need to sprite. Then, I choose. Then, we call someone else. The voters can be some of our friends. What d'you say?
    Okay, please post what you think of my story Veronica and Team Transformation. I mean it is a lousy title, atleast I am trying.
    No, I couldn't find out how to. I asked Encyclopika but for some reason, she didn't answer so i looked at the rules and figured, R was the right one. Why? Is that neccesary?
    Yes, Four days and if Alli hasn't replied then temporary control will be taken by me and also Elimination will go up that day. I replied via vm because I didn't feel it was necessary to bump the thread when It'll be inactive for four days.
    hey i read your sig....and i found one problem with it...

    Antidisestablishmentarianism means to oppose the separation of church and state, not to oppose the church, itself...sorry for bugging you...
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