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  • :/ Sorry.........it was kind of funny.

    Yep, and I'm trying to pick out a perfect plot twist. :)
    <_<; lol, "You are a goldfish" xD

    It's a slight pain to do, but I've gotten myself a major story plot from the past few challenges.
    Oh wow, that sucks.

    It has no main theme, I just have to write about a camping trip for my character and the rest of the competitors.
    o_O How can anyone be sleepy in math class?!

    I may me slightly less talkative, I'm also working on a story I have to write for a game. xD
    Oh yes, so true. :p

    Ah, so in a sense you aren't an expert at attacking with a knife...which is good. xD
    I'm not quite sure. Damn my being tired and it's affecting of mai grammarz.

    No... To Med's profile! *Swirling cue card effect* And if he says how he won't do it for a considerable amount of time, I'll fill you in on what happens.

    Also seeing how you posted in Big Brother, I'm sure you saw what happened to Amy the Wynaut.
    Yay, attacked by hugs! the best kind of attacking!

    You can't wield knives? Like, you can't in a sense it's not allowed, or CAN'T?
    >____<; Hugs are best honestly.

    I would not want to be attacked with knives. So...... lets go with attacked by hugs. XD
    You think that timing is awful; Multiple other factors have to pertain for the reasoning to attract such discord, or else the rhyme would just seem dull.


    h8rs guna h8

    *points at Digi*
    Conjunction junction; What's your function


    avacdo wut ewwwwww

    Sucks that you have herpes now. =(
    Probably because we stopped being serious; All this rhyming has made us delirious


    i wunt dat stuft krussed piza yo

    The cute ones? :)()
    Some things people understand; Some things they misunderstand.


    ye d00d piza is liek da mad noets.

    Trolololol. (How about now :p)
    I'll say the... Second one, final answer.

    I know right? Thats why we should bug him into writing it! I sorta know what happens, but because it wasn't fully fleshed out, it might change completely. And I want to know who I kill.
    Okay, I'll make sure to check them out.

    Oh homonyms, how they can be so confuzzelin'.

    It's Med's grimdark noir fanfic about everyone on the Xat.
    I'll make a note to take some out of my library when I get a chance to do some reading. Any you can suggest?

    A censor that makes you sound smarter? Damn, I need to get one of those, it would help me out so much.

    Also, we should bug Med until he males There Will Be Xat.
    To be perfectly honest, I've only read like one Sherlock novel, and that was like 5-6 years ago. I really should try and get more into it. And I know that Poirot is like the Belguim Version by Agatha Christie, but that's it.

    Or so you say, I honestly don't see it.
    Four female Sherlocks? What is that I don't even

    Oooooh, very interesting. Were you ever interested in pursuing a teaching career? I personally don't have the patience.
    This tea is so succulent, makes me feel sweet; If I have a son, I won't name him Pete.


    we shal r00l teh wurldz

    You were so adorable back then lololololol. (Btw xat)
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