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  • A movement can kill, a silence so loud; A movement that falters, fit in the crowd.A movement can kill, a silence so loud; A movement that falters, fit in the crowd.


    ye we cn call da prtnur turves

    And I remember that exact post, laugh every time. So unlike you.
    Yep, if they wanted to make Sherlock an obese, 50 year old black woman with a lisp... Actually no, that wouldn't be Sherlock, it'd be Madealock or something.

    Oh, sounds very cool. If you don't mind my asking, what does he teach?

    Did I say that I'm not familiar with Canadian Politics? I meant politics in general, I know nothing about them.
    Eh, you can never guess with adaptions of written things, but I guess Sherlock is the easiest to adapt.

    Does your dad often go to China without you?

    I'm not that familiar with Canadian poltics, but given their Dark Horse-ness perhaps they'll do something interested.
    October 17th I think. It's on FX, a channel I don't know if you have.

    So is there anything you are looking forward to?
    From the previews it seems to be, which is fine for me I love being scared. In the exact same way ER loves being confused.
    Well, I don't know if they have the same show schedules in Canada as they do in America, but there's nothing that attracts my interest. There's American Horror Story Asylum, but that's it really.

    A gunshot echoes, vibrant and sweet; The fallen, praying that the bullet he won't meet.

    Only because it's you. >_>

    d00d lyk i shuld be a aturney nd i can aturn while u law nd we be gewd teem
    A talon falls, a feather floats; A knife divides, a monster gloats.

    Argh, fine. :<

    ye u shuld law other pplz
    Down by sunset, living in forever rest. Dead by sunrise, lying with the never blessed.

    Aw, thats no fun.

    dat fact statement
    A saint looks down on the world below, the world cries "Save me", the saint says "No."

    All I know is I'd be first ;D *wink wink nudge nudge*

    dood u are teh maths
    The dead don't rise in a house of flies unless the two can harmonize.

    Oh, I gave that to Mug, my bad. I wouldn't give you top ten xatians cause you dont know everyone there that well and the top 3 would just be Me, Digi, Mug.

    aww :'( math more important to me? sadasfhjad
    The lonesome crow left of the murder, falling in line with the blind herder.

    Yeah, and you have to factor in that the top ten xatians question is pretty long.

    omg and now i think that you should like totally come onto the xat :)
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