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  • Oh, well congrats! Saw u play! Did you challenge someone in the semi finals that had a politoad named "bubble gum"
    Hey dude! I think i saw u there! Did u have the politoad and kingdra and ludicolo and "in the face"!
    Alright thanks man, Ive not seen you on it yet ( then again most of the time i aint paying attention too it XD too busy screwing around on PO ) and just so you know, I have 2 GCSE exams coming up so I may be a little inactive thursday and next monday & tuesday
    Hey man, dropping by just to let you know im your tutee for this round, even though you probrably already know =P whats times are you usually available? ( thats if there any different than those you specified in your bio ^^ )
    I just banned the drizzle+swift swim. I meant to when I made the league, but forgot. So, in the future, please don't use it again.

    You aren't in trouble since it was a mistake on my part.
    Maybe he's not a fan of complex/semi-complex bans? Then why semi-unban Blazichicken though? Hmmm. Well, badge is yours in any outcome. I do want Zach to clarify, and I'm closing my gym to other challengers until he does.

    Good luck in the rest of your challenge.
    Heck, right now MOODY is legal, and that's way more scary than SS. Last thing I need is to be staring down a Bidoof trolling me at +6 evasion.
    Perhaps, but I'm not sure if Zach intended to leave it out, or not. Such rules departures are normally explicitly stated, especially one as powerful as Swift Swim and Drizzle teams.

    For now, assume you won the badge. I may even give it up if he does decide SS + Drizzle is banned. I know you can beat me, w/o SS.
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