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  • Nah. I'm not that good haha =p

    Erm, I don't know. I've been told it's good. But I've been out of ideas for...ages.
    Hmmm. I like tennis [though I'm not particularly incredible at it] and drawing is fun too. Though for a job, I wouldn't consider them. I love drama and acting and the such.
    No, I don't because I don't want anyone to steal my super cool work =p
    Haha. =p

    Lazy daisy =p Meh, anything would do, probably just working in K-mart of some shop. Not hard. When I'm done with school? I enjoy teaching, and I love writing. Teehee ~

    Haha indeed absolutely.
    VCE is Year 11&12 and stands for the Victorian Certificate of Education. Probably just the Victorian equivalent of HSC.

    Yes I was. But it's annoying because all my friends can get jobs and I'm not legal working age [14, 9 months] till February of next year =x And the kids who can get jobs don't want to, but I can't and I really want to. Not fair =p

    Oh, really? I never knew that. In Victoria [don't say you're in Victoria or you'll make me look really stupid] its called VCE. Ah. I know of some schools that bump you up earlier.

    Year 9, actually =] I'm young because I skipped Year 5. School's good. Unfortunately the first week of Term 4 is our survival camp out in the wilderness. =/
    Ohnoez =o I have no idea what you mean by HSC [I'm in Australia] but the end of the school year is fast approaching. It's gone so quick. Are the exams, like, your last in school forever and ever?
    Good to hear that it's good to hear from me again. xD That's very good.

    Hm, I'm sure you'll do fine. Authors always think their work is only mediocre when it's actually really good. Maybe I should take my own words into consideration. xD

    Oh, hooray! I drove a golf cart, not being old enough to drive a car, this summer. And I flipped it. Long story, actually. x] It had something to do with me flooring it at the top of a hill. Lol, it was fun.

    I went tubing yesterday, which is why I didn't respond to you sooner. Tubing is incredibly fun. I'm also going to Hawaii Wednesday and I'm coming back next week Thursday. That's another period you won't be hearing from me. =/ So yeah. It's all good.
    Hey, I just found an error on the exam page. Whenever you clicked submit you would receive an error. It's fixed now.

    Now, did you try to submit and received an error? This is nothing to get worked up about. I just want to know if anyone submitted and this error prevented any progress. Thanks.
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