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  • The trailer definitely got the atmosphere for Midgar down pretty well, if they can maintain just as good of an atmosphere for the rest of the game then that'll be a promising remake. I think the only way they can go wrong is if they try to turn the game into something too drastically different. Though when going from outdated polygons to well-detailed models that might be tougher to measure. I've not played it beyond a demo of it years ago though I've seen it before and I'm currently keeping up with someone who's been streaming it.

    I'm not overly disappointed at the lack of old music, but that's only because I've listened to it to death. That and I really like what they did with the new music so I can live without it. In general I find myself listening to other music rather than Pokemon for whatever reason, Pokemon has fantastic music but other music instinctively takes priority. Symphonic Evolutions sounds fun though I've never looked into going, I'm sure they've been nearby before but it's just not always an option.
    I feel with that there's a certain nostalgia associated with the atmosphere, and that's okay, that part is often very difficult to preserve without making the game feel too similar to the original. As long as they don't change it drastically the core atmosphere will probably still be there. I guess if they take some creative liberties some things will change and that would have an effect though. I didn't think the ORAS version of Mt. Chimney was bad though it definitely wasn't quite as powerful as the original version. The new version definitely seems to be arranged with Team Magma/Aqua encounters in mind since it fits well for those, though the older version was much better for Mt. Chimney itself and the small cave proceeding into Sky Pillar.
    Well if they really know what they're doing with this remake I'm sure they'll be able to live up to people's expectations with the music, it's just all a matter of how careful they are when doing it. Atmosphere is another thing too, while I've never played the game myself I can see the atmosphere of the game has a very precise quirkiness to it and it would be a shame if it got lost in the remake. No matter how hard they try though I guess there's always a few things that people will prefer from the originals. Even though I loved basically all of ORAS I will say I preferred the RSE version of Mt. Chimney a bit more.
    Oh yeah definitely. I don't think I've found many, if any, other people who aren't a big fan of one or both of those themes, they get insanely good reception from fans. One Winged Angel is a theme I think they need to be really careful about remastering though, that's definitely one they don't want to mess up. I mean that applies to any soundtrack in a remake and there's always a fine balance between remixing and not straying too far from the original but I think this is especially true for a theme like One Winged Angel.
    I mean, the simple answer is that they're not my kind of music. They're both grand and fitting for the respective boss fights but there comes a point where a grand composition doesn't interest me too much anymore. It's tough to describe but it's not just these two themes, I've played a few other games where a boss theme was very grand but didn't appeal to me, might have something to do with my preference for rock/electronic/upbeat battle themes. A grandiose battle theme like this is something I like though, but One-Winged Angel and Dancing Mad don't appeal to me and I can't really pin it down on one thing.
    It's possible the list price before was one that had been forgotten about, so you purchasing it caused them to check out the current market value.
    It's mostly only titles that I can't remember, if there's ever something that I really want to listen to, it's typically because I remember what it is at least enough to find it in my library. I'm also very, very, very meticulous about my tagging which helps with searching and finding things. Worst case scenario I listen to a few seconds of each track on an album until I find the right one.

    Also I'm sorry for being bad influence.
    With me and music I only need to listen to a song once or twice in most cases before I know it well enough to hum the main melody with no problems, having said that my memory is really bad when it comes to track titles or things like that. So in some ways I'm unfamiliar with a lot of my library, until I hear it. Then I can tell you which band did it or which game it's from, and probably hum it the whole way through.

    I try to order from otaku.com whenever I can, they have good shipping and the owner is a really nice guy. They ship by regular post too, which is good for me because I'm never home during the day to sign for packages.
    I listen to any album I get all the way through after I get it, and I listen to music all day every day at work so I've wracked up quite the playtime for my library. As for new music, I get that pretty well as I discover it, either through games/anime myself or through other people's recommendations.
    According to the description there are only light marks along the spine, which I couldn't even see with the photos. I definitely understand wanting to buy new (I have made some silly purchases of new things in my time) but sometimes it makes more sense to save £300 lol.
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