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  • It depends on what you're into, because of the nature of the game (DDR clone) a lot of the packs are Japanese-centric, so if you're into anime at all there will be a lot of options for you, not to say there aren't a lot of other packs. http://stepmaniaonline.net/index.php?page=downloads is a good resource for downloading song packs.
    I meant it looks good in all aspects.
    Dynasty Warriors was a good game franchise, and at first I thought, combining it with Zelda was a bad idea.
    But then I saw the gameplay, and I loved it.
    Well all those things can be changed (other than the fact you'll always only have four buttons to push), and you can always download song packs for songs you're actually interested in, that's the main draw. And yeah, there are some bad rhythm games which aren't really rhythm games at all.
    Yeah, the Hatsune Miku games definitely aren't for everyone. Stepmania is really just a PC version of DDR, you can play it with pretty much anything you can plug into your computer. As for touchscreen vs buttons, the touchscreen rhythm games I've played are typically much more forgiving in their judging, which is mostly due to the fact that it's just harder to use a touchscreen accurately like a button.
    I mainly play Stepmania and the Hatsune Miku Project Diva games. Used to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero a lot, I've tried Osu as well but not really a fan, I just prefer buttons. I would recommend Stepmania since it's completely free, and really similar to Cytus other than the fact you're using a keyboard rather than a touch screen.
    Oh I hadn't actually heard of it until you posted some of the music in the VGM Game thread, and it was really good. So I was going to ask about it, then found out it was free to try. The all touch-controls thing isn't really my cup of tea though, what other rhythm games do you play?
    I know the series is like Dragon Quest in Japan- extremely popular. However, before this game, I had never even heard of the series, similarly to many other people. I may buy the game to give it and the series a try, although I am not expecting too much from it.
    Who doesn't?

    Hyrule Warriors looks quite good, although I am not copmpletely sold on it yet. I want to hear about some more of the story, and not just Zelda characters facing tons of hordes (although I expect I would still get it, I mean it is Zelda)!
    Yeah, there's also the possibility of OR/AS getting attention at E3, so we'll just have to wait for the next few weeks to pass.

    Both Luxury and Premier Balls are my go-to option when I don't know what else would fit a shiny, anything looks nice in them. The fact that people try selling Pokemon for money at all is something that I found unbelievable. To think someone would actually trust someone with that sort of deal is disappointing. So you'll be without Pokemon games for that long? I could never bring myself to sell my games, so I wouldn't be able to survive that long. I actually don't run into much trouble with Whitney. Bugsy with Scyther's U-turn always gave me more trouble, though the Cycling Road battle was definitely one of the toughest fights as a kid.

    I'm just a bit picky with how lyrics in a soundtrack are handled. Pokemon could arguably fit under its own title rather than any other archetype, though that might be a bit bold of a statement to make. I do understand that, though. B2/W2, Golden Sun, and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn are all soundtracks I'd list among my top overall soundtracks.
    That would be ideal, though maybe too idealistic. I suppose we can only hope.

    I was so happy when Gen 5 gave us the option to freely buy Luxury Balls with no weird restrictions. Luxury Balls look nice with most Pokemon. Master Balls kinda have that bad rep because of how often that signals a hack, I feel. Though I think the purple of the Master Ball goes well with Rayquaza's black coloring. It would have been best if Challenge Mode was available from the start, but I had the convenience of being able to play through the game on Challenge Mode. Even now, Steven's Metagross is awful if I go in at my usual level. One attack boost from Meteor Mash is bad news.

    I'm not much of a classical guy myself. But game soundtracks with lyrics are a big no for me when I'm trying to concentrate on something else. I'm a bit picky with lyrics in a soundtrack anyway, but I wouldn't be able to focus with that sort of music in the background. I suppose you're right there about FFVI music, though. It does have a very unique soundtrack that's worth a dedicated listen or two.
    Well, no matter what anyone does with a game, it's impossible to please everyone. I just don't want it to be too similar the originals, as much as I like the original Hoenn. I know they can improve things that weren't done too well the first time around, I'd like to see them address at least some things.

    That seems pretty feasible. If nothing else, they can just use the same theme with distinct instrumental variations, and those would be fitting for the three of them. If we end up being able to catch all three in both versions somehow, I'd expect that they'd do something like that.

    I wanted to try and get it with a Dusk or Luxury Ball because they both fit pretty well, but I eventually ran out of them and got worried about Struggle, so the Master Ball works fine. If there's anything that does look good in a Master Ball, though, shiny Rayquaza is one of those Pokemon. I feel like most of the difficulty in older games was unintentionally difficult, so I'm not overly bothered by the way things have been recently. That, and B2/W2 Challenge Mode was pretty good for difficulty. That said, the frustration of the post-game weather trio all knowing Rest is something I'd like to see again, at least with Rayquaza.

    Oh, I see, I wouldn't have guessed that. It is a shame, though, it would be great being able to read the notes on the soundtrack for any game. The fact that it's one of your favorite soundtracks must make it all more worthwhile. I'd probably end up listening to a good soundtrack while studying, but that's just because I can't help myself when I get the urge to listen to a good track.
    I'd really be more upset if they didn't change things enough. Updated graphics and music is nice, but I want the game to feel different than the the old R/S I played over 10 years ago. Otherwise it will end up like HG/SS and I'll lose the excitement of the game in the first routes of the game, and I don't want that to happen with Hoenn.

    Well, I don't see anything more than new variations for the any of the legendaries. Seeing as HG/SS tried differentiating legendaries with music, I wouldn't be surprised if legendaries that shared the same theme would get a unique variation. I think that they'll add markers of some sort to start distinguishing the routes. The only problem with the water routes before was the fact that you won't know where one route ends and another begins until you cross over into that route. Markers of some sort would help make the water routes appear less empty as well.

    I'd hope they'd at least fix the catch rate to be like more recent mandatory captures. I don't want to deal with a Groudon with a catch rate of 5 again. Outrage/Rest Rayquaza is literally the most terrible things to try and catch. Even when they brought him into HG/SS, they brought back Outrage/Rest, made catching a shiny Rayquaza that much more scary.

    Whoa, now that's a fancy present. Straight from Japan or...?
    There's definitely a lot of room for fixing in Hoenn, so I'd love to see them take full advantage of that. I'm hoping they free up from the "remake" mold they stuck to in FR/LG and HG/SS, and change things up. Definitely, they're going to stay true to the originals in a lot of aspects, but I don't want to just be playing through Hoenn again with new graphics and updated mechanics. Hopefully they spice things up this time around.

    Yeah, I'd considered that for the some of the legendary themes like they did for HG/SS. I can see the Regis all getting a unique variation for the battle theme, for one. Maybe for the weather trio as well if they make it possible to catch all three in both games, but that's stretching it a bit. As far as water routes are concerned, there's always the possibility of them spicing up the water routes to make them look more interesting. Aside from the area near Mossdeep and Routes 132-134, they all looked very similar.

    I still think they'll bring in all of the Magma/Aqua conflict from Emerald but then have only the player catch the one legendary corresponding to your game. Have both teams be villainous but implement a plot device that leads you to only catching one of the legendaries. That's what I'd like to see, anyway.
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