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  • Well, with Hoenn, we've already got a precedent for things that are in place, so I don't know if that will become a problem. If anything, I see them adding a few things here and there, but I don't imagine them blowing things out of proportion, especially with a remake.

    I think something like the Routes 132-134 would work, seeing as there's tons of non-water trainers in there, especially in Emerald. Adding more islands with trainers would help. I'm not sure how they would implement variations of the surfing theme, though. Unless they had a new variation exclusive to the ocean portion of the region, or just used a different route theme even when surfing. Yeah, I can see them adding signposts or buoys to serve as markers in order to help people keep their bearings in the water routes.

    You can catch all three of the legendaries in Emerald, but Groudon and Kyogre were only available post-game, as I imagine was the intent with Rayquaza too before they made a mistake with that. The Johto games always allowed you to get the other cover legendary post-game, so I can see them doing something similar to that here.
    Yeah, I definitely want to see all the unique environments in 3D. Mt. Chimney, underwater, Ever Grande City, the Battle Dome, there's so much to see. I'm hoping the 3D engine breathes new life into areas like the Abandoned Ship too. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't have recognized it if I didn't happen to come across the name of the song one day. Lilycove is also something I'm looking forward to seeing.

    Well, FR/LG did add the Sevii Islands, even though there wasn't too much point to exploring them. There's definitely a lot of room for new areas in Hoenn, so I can see them expanding it a bit, notably in the southeastern part of the region. I liked the water routes myself, but I just hope they add more variety to the Pokemon you can find there. I think that alone would make the routes more tolerable. Maybe adding variety to the kinds of trainers there too, so we aren't fighting mostly swimmers and triathletes in those routes.

    Yeah, I'd hope so, the thing I'm most excited about is seeing how Rayquaza plays into the games, so I'm guessing they'll bring in the Emerald plot into it. I'm also assuming they won't make the same mistake they made in Emerald where they let you get the level 70 Rayquaza before fighting the 8th gym.
    Yeah, Hoenn has always been my favorite region, so I'm excited to see how they do this one. I'll probably notice a lot of the minor details too, like levels of Pokemon. Hopefully we get something great to come out of this. It wasn't until about 5th Gen that I realized that that rendition was supposed to be of Lilycove, though. Didn't really like that one myself.

    I like post-game routes and towns like that as well, but I don't value them too much more when I make a personal evaluation of the game itself. That's why I don't mind that Hoenn and Kalos don't have many new areas to explore post-game. When remakes and the like add these things, though, I do enjoy them.

    Ah, I really enjoyed Emerald, and I've gotten every remake since 3rd Gen. Gameplay-wise, I thought they were a big improvement, with many trainers getting completely changed and with a greater emphasis on Double/Multi Battles. The polished graphics were also nice. It was the same Hoenn, but there was enough changes so that I got a different experience out of it. I'm hoping these remakes do the same.
    Well, I'm sure there are always those things that we don't approve of too greatly, but I can't say I've had many situations where I was too disappointed with the changes. All the musical references to Hoenn in games as far back as Platinum have always impressed me, though.

    Kanto is definitely a lot of post-game to explore, but I just think there wasn't much to it. It just felt like a huge region with not much to do other than fight gym leaders at your own freedom. I know some people liked that, but it didn't really impress me much. Any lack of post-game in other games isn't overly relevant to me if they have a Battle Frontier or similar facility, so the X/Y post-game didn't bother me much. But since HG/SS recycled the one from Platinum, I wasn't overly excited about that one, seeing as it was the same thing I've already seen before.

    GBA Sounds Key item would be nice, but I'm more concerned about seeing the 3rd Gen Frontier come back. That one was always my favorite.
    Yeah, that's pretty much my view on things. They'd have to be trying really hard to ruin the soundtrack for me. Then again, I suppose I'm usually pretty accepting of things.

    Mainly the fact that the awkward level pacing is still there. That, and I still find the Kanto post-game to be pretty dry. There's not much level progression there, and the wild Pokemon could have been done a bit better as well, I think. No need for these level 10 Pidgeys everywhere in Kanto. No doubt they were pretty games, though, but I didn't like HG/SS as much as others did. That's why I'm excited that OR/AS seem to be making changes to the original R/S, so I'm hoping for some improvements there.
    Well, even though I didn't like HG/SS, I thought they did a good job with the music, so I'm not too concerned there. I like to be hopeful about the music in the games, and I've yet to be disappointed with the overall soundtrack of any Pokemon game to this point.
    As long as the Emerald Frontier Brain battle theme is as beautiful as before, I'll be satisfied. Hopefully they do a great job of remastering the music.
    It's really helpful! I always use it when I get stuck in a dungeon. I wouldn't have known what to do in the trading thing in Link's Awakening if it wasn't for that site!
    No problem there, though. Our conversation has had long posts, so I totally understand the time between responses. Real life always takes precedence, after all.
    It differs a bit because the teachers can customize each class, but typically, there is a lot of reading from online textbooks, and for things like math, we may watch a video on how to do certian problems, and then in classes like English and history, we write reports and quizzes etc. And then there are usually chatrooms or discussion boards to talk with the teacher and other students. Overall its decent, but sometimes concepts like math are difficult to get with just the examples they give you.
    Yeah, same here, my classes take up so much time, I rarely watch tv. My main entertainment comes from places like youtube, and my game systems XD
    I'm sure there have been movies that I liked less the second time I watched them, but I cant think of any specifics XD
    Yes, Pixar loves putting hidden stuff in their films. The Winds of Change? Wow, I totally missed that. Now I got to see it again and look for it. I remember when Cars first came out I recognized the name of the company "Dinoco" and I insisted that it was in Toy Story, but my parents didn't believe me until we got home and I put in Toy Story to show them XD
    She's 13. She's a big anime fan, and I keep recommending stuff to her, and she usually gets around to it, but it takes her a while XD
    I think the easiest way would be to listen to them both. Compare 0:18 - 0:28 of the Hoenn gym theme and 1:07 - 1:17 of Diantha's theme. Somewhat annoying annotations aside, it's definitely intentional, and a really nice reference to throw in right at the end of the game. Of course, whether or not there are any implications is a whole other realm.
    Yeah, that's the deal. I like Johto's and BW's credits themes musically, but not as much as Hoenn and Sinnoh's better fit to the ending of the game. Sinnoh's felt all the more better after a Nuzlocke win, along with the song that plays outside the Pokemon League. As for BW's ending, I didn't so much feel contempt for how they ended it, but that's only because at the end, I'm always more disappointed to see it all just come to a close. Judging by the transition from BW to B2/W2 in terms of music, I'm hopeful for how the next games after X/Y will turn out. Musically and otherwise.

    Ah, yeah. A Luigi pattern may be cool, but it wouldn't fit my tastes all that much either. Now a simple green 3DS would be something I'd consider a bit more.
    Yeah, original vs. remastered is always a very touchy subject when it comes to video games. I try to avoid thinking too much about the nostalgia involved, if only because I hate how nasty discussions can get on that topic as a whole. Nostalgia is a really weird feeling like that. I've also always found it weird how we can feel nostalgia for something that's only about a year old, if only because of how nostalgia is typically associated with much older things. I've never played WW HD, but I wasn't aware that the HD version had remastered tracks. I take it that they're nothing to the degree of FFX remastered tracks, but how do you feel about those overall? I recently played an old GC copy of WW for the first time, so I've got some recent memories about it.
    Yeah, I never actually went to school, all of my classes have been online, so I haven't heard of a lot of stuff unfortunately XD
    Ah, Game of Thrones, another one that I want to get to, wonder if its as good as everyone makes it sound. I don't get the channel to get the show, so I really don't know much about it.
    I actually re-watched WALL-E a day or two ago to refresh my memory, and I have got to say, I liked it a lot more this time, I think a lot of the stuff just went over my head the first time I saw it.
    Lol, yeah, won't be the first time I've done that actually XD
    Yeah, that one has some scenes that really impact you, I've been trying to get my cousin to watch it, but she keeps putting it off XD
    Yeah, though I guess that's how it works when they put you up against a single Pokemon. And yeah, I'd say it's more like a the musical references X/Y is loaded with. No way I'd say there's any remixes going on, but little references like in Diantha's battle theme are still evident. Hm, as for credits themes, I haven't listened to some of them in awhile. Kanto's isn't anything outstanding, but Johto's credits theme was a great theme. A very happy and upbeat one, in contrast to most of the others. I do like the slow and calm mood of the Hoenn, Sinnoh and B2/W2 credits themes, though. I feel like they emphasize the good feeling that accompany with the ending of the game. BW's credits and the dramatic theme worked well with the fashion in which the game's plot was handled, so I did enjoy that one, though I feel like it was overrated at the time. X/Y had an interesting credits theme, though I haven't given it another solid listen in awhile, so I don't have a solid opinion on it.

    That Charizard one was a great model. I only wish I waited just a month to hear about the Fire Emblem themed 3DS actually coming to the US, or I'd have bought that instead. That was one I didn't expect to actually come to the west. At least we're getting more of these fancy models than we used to, though.
    Yeah, piano renditions are interesting, and I don't know why. Pianos just sound great to listen to, I guess. Though yeah, nostalgia definitely plays a big part of association with a certain track, given how strong feelings of nostalgia seem to be when discussing any game. A shame that so many people always seem to panic when anything changes, but there's always a certain degree to which a remastered track would be acceptable. I personally like it when a remastered track stays close to the original, but that's not to say I don't appreciate creative liberties in a remastered track from time to time.
    Yeah, I had Magnezone, so Black Kyurem couldn't do a thing while Flash Cannon did the trick. Too bad, since that song was great. If only B2/W2 added the option of choosing a battle theme online (which I really love). And yeah, some people go so far as to say that Eterna City is a remix of Agate Village, but that might be a bit much. Still, the similarities are very striking. I don't usually care all that much for Victory Road themes, but Hoenn and Kalos have a great Victory Road theme, I think. Both Ever Grande and the Sinnoh Pokemon League have a fantastic theme as well, perfectly fitting for the end of the game. I feel like I've heard about that bonus track before, though I've never heard it before until now. See, this is why I should buy the OST.

    Oh, really? That's interesting, I wonder why that may be. A shame that only Japan gets all the fancy 3DS models, but I guess I can't complain much about that, since it is Japan and all.
    I guess that could be said for a number of tracks in the remastered OST. Challenge and the Seymour Battle are definitely both interesting tracks on their own, especially the latter, for the reason you've stated. Seymour Battle is just a great theme in general, so it's bound to be at least decent, no matter how they remastered it. It's bound to happen that people will sometimes prefer the original rendition of a track, though, which is always interesting.
    They're decent, I'm not as obsessed with them as some people are, but they were worth the read in my opinion. Another decent one is the I Am Number Four series, the first book is kind of slow, but it picks up in the second one. I haven't heard of those, I'll have to look them up.
    WALL-E was a really good movie, but I have to say, I found myself wishing there was more dialogue, there wasn't much talking between WALL-E and Eve, but I guess that really wasn't the point of the movie XD
    I'll have to look that one, it sounds interesting, and I looked up that track and it made me want to see it even more.
    I remember it played twice, I'm not sure if those were the only 2 times or not. The first time is when Seita come out from seeing his mother and tries to cheer up Setsuko by swinging around on a pole. The second time is when Seita is cremating Setsuko. Both really emotional scenes.
    Marine Tube has a great theme. Too bad you won't hear the whole song unless you're purposely waiting there. Or if you're like me and get to Humilau through the Seaside Cave instead. I could be a little biased since Barry is my favorite rival, though the Frontier Brain theme is great, specifically the Platinum version. Eterna City's similarities to Agate Village in Orre are very striking, though. It took me awhile to catch the similarity. RSE still has my favorite Victory Road theme, but wow, I actually haven't heard that version of Slateport before. Was that in one of the music collections or something? Because that's really good.

    If I've got the money to spare and nothing else to buy, I'll definitely give it a shot. But for now, college is where my money goes...
    I've actually given some of those remastered tracks a listen, and it's definitely an interesting change for some of those. The standard battle theme is definitely a great one. And after listening to both of those, I agree that they do feel like a step down, though they aren't bad themes on their own. I still prefer the original version of Challenge too, but the remastered version is okay as well.
    B2/W2 is just a gold mine of music remixes, and I like that too. Of course, I'm not going to ignore the new music they added like Aspertia City and Hugh's theme. I'd probably put B2/W2 first myself. I agree, though, Cynthia's battle theme has never caught my attention all that much. Same goes for the encounter, nice as the piano may be. It's definitely a good song, but I'd put Barry's theme above it on my list of D/P/Pt music. R/S/E is a weird one. I really enjoyed the music, but I've had insane overexposure to Hoenn, so some songs like the standard battle theme has run dry. I also have to be careful when talking about Hoenn, though, seeing as Ruby was my first game.

    I suppose it could be just that. The part where it gets a bit more forceful is all I really have an issue with. Regardless, it doesn't lessen my opinion of the track all that much, but I'd definitely not be bothered as much by it if it was less forceful. That, and screaming vocals haven't appealed to me much before, so bias might be getting in the way a bit.
    And no, I've heard of it, but I've never actually played it. I'll definitely consider it, though. Sometimes the best way to become familiar with a series is to just dive right in, so I imagine it would be the same with music. It would probably help with my shallow diversity of games as well.
    Yeah, even with any other series, I find it hard to pick a singular favorite. I could never narrow down a list to even a Top 10 in just one series. I suppose the thing with the FF series is that the variety of music across all the games is almost overwhelming, especially since each game is so different from the others in terms of, well, everything. It would seem natural that it would happen with a series so large, but music in a series like MegaMan doesn't vary quite as much as FF music does. The more fantastic video game music, the better, though. I don't need to reach out to popular culture for great music when video games are doing just as well with it.
    Yeah, I almost got the impression that they just had a female archer heroine because of The Hunger Games.
    True, like The Incredibles there was the whole theme of Mrs. Incredible thinking her husband was cheating on her. And while I do wish MU had some of that, I still liked it overall. Yeah, they have already exhausted many of the concepts they can, but the thing I love about Pixar, is that the themes of the movies seem odd when you think about it, but they still pull it off amazingly. Like, who would have the idea to have a story about having the monsters in the closet scare you because its their job? Or why would people want to ban superheroes? Its things like that that makes these movies so cool.

    I can imagine. I remember a bit of the music from Totoro and liking it. I guess I just need to pick one of the movies and watch it, gotta start somewhere. Porco Rosso...Thats the one where the guy is turned into a pig right? Yeah, I came across some music from that one while watching vids from Grave, it was pretty good.
    To be completely honest, I do not know what its called(I know Home, Sweet Home though and its not that one, though I may try to learn that one in the future). This is the video that I'm watching to learn it.
    I've always found the gym themes before to always be at least decent, but it wasn't really until B2/W2 where I started to actually really enjoy the new gym themes more. X/Y is really a stand-out one, whether people enjoy it or not. Nice as the theme with Korrina was, I still prefer the standard gym theme over it. I'd say the Hoenn Frontier Brain theme is still one of my top favorites. Some of that may stem from nostalgia, but I do like that theme. Otherwise, B2/W2 and X/Y have much better soundtracks.

    Yeah, I like the creative liberties they took with the music, and I can even appreciate the decision to use the screaming vocals in their themes, even if they don't appeal to me very much. Though it's just the screaming. The vocals at the beginning are fine with me. Remixes are always interesting like that, though. I've have yet to actually see V, so I still need to get a good listen to that version of Clash on the Big Bridge, but the XIII-2 version is definitely great.
    I actually still haven't seen all of what the main FF games have to offer (still need to see all of I, II, IV, V, X-2, and XII) so I don't know if I can make a fair decision on my favorite song yet. There's just so many songs, I don't know if I have a clear favorite yet. FFXIII's Will To Fight comes to mind for a general theme, though battle themes are even tougher to pin down. Last Hunter and Paradigm Shift are both great, but so are The Man with the Machine Gun, Challenge and so many more.
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