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  • Yeah, I've been god as well. Had an interesting day today. Just hung out with friends from uni. Made a bit of music, and relaxed :)
    Hi ^_^ maybe you missed our whole next plan .. so I copied this from the thread .. once you read it you'll know everything we're planning to do

    What We Are Doing Next ?

    OK .. I must explain the whole story =)

    - First of all .. VSU Dragon will choose 5 guys who are very powerful to be tutors ..
    - then he will divide the members into groups .. and each group will have close time zones for its members .. (please send your Time Zones to VSU Dragon to make things easier)
    - every group will have a tutor to test its members at the beginning ..
    - after testing them .. we'll put them in their ranks ..
    - after putting each one in their ranks .. each tutor will start helping their group members and give them advices , battles , pokes or a moveset to suit a pokemon in his team .. he will help his team members to be as strongest as they can ..
    - when all the teams are powerful and ready .. we will make group wars .. and the winners will get great prizes and two or three of their group will be Team SeaSoul Elites
    - that's it for now ^_^

    Also Some Important Editions

    - We have added a massive number of pokes in the rare pokemon , Event shop with the nice effort of 'MEME' .
    - We'll have an IV,natures,shinys bred pokes section in the shop soon with the great and appreciated help of 'AZIIKO4876'
    - Every member will have his own special rank banner with the awesome help of 'Luxraymaster'
    - We will have a 'Team SeaSoul' channel with the great help of 'dark sen'
    - Also the chat room will stay as it is between 'vaati's hands
    - To buy from the shop .. MEME and buny are ready to serve you , if their times doesn't suit anybody , just contact me about it
    Hi poi ^_^

    there will be a bid clan war tourney .. and they've asked me to compete in it with three battlers on my side

    I've chosen AppleButter .. and I think you're an excellent choice .. what do you say about it ^_^ ?
    umm he is saying that you go there just to piss him off :p

    I don't think that's good .. but I'll tell him to bring you back to the chat .. but please try to be kindful with him =D we in team seasoul are making a strong community between ourselves .. and nothing silly like that can make you two feel bad toward each other .. you're bigger than this =)

    please now I want both of you to shake hands and forget what happened .. you're friends .. no you're more than friends =) don't let a chat room make you two mad ^^
    C-star can't do much about Vaati's power on the chat, unfortunately.
    its k, but she said that Nilla wasn't the only idiot on my IP and then I said satan is on my IP too, lol.
    C-Star is the over seer of the entire clan. I'm heading up the battles part of the clan for now and trying to organize the ranks/rank up process.
    welcome to the team T_T I knew you'll come back to your friends =D

    actually I can't refuse somebody like you .. you're one of the best battlers I saw here

    that's a big releif =D thank goodness ^_^

    I'll add you right away =D
    Thank you very much This instantly makes the entire clan stronger. I'm still putting the full list together. I have four people locked in as group leaders now with a 5th leader that I'm going to hold a try out for. The four leaders so far are you and me plus AppleButter2 and Superwolfe.
    Sweet thank you Poi. Now I have a question for you. I'm putting Team SeaSoul into groups. Each group will have a group leader. The group leader will be in charge of ranking everyone with in his group. You will also be in charge of holding rank up battles for your group. You will be allowed to pick an assistant from anyone who is in your group. You will also help your group with team building and battling stratergy. I was wondering if you would be willing to be one of our group leaders. You instantly become one of the clan's best battlers by joining and you could really help everyone out. Also as an FYI each group will not have more than 10 members with in it. So if you have a good assistant that means you'll only have to help at most 5 members. Is this something your willing to do for us?
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