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Last Activity:
Oct 4, 2014
Jul 25, 2009
Likes Received:
Sep 26, 1996 (Age: 23)
Gliese 581-G

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I stay noided, 23, from Gliese 581-G

poix_the_yak was last seen:
Oct 4, 2014
    1. Yveltal96
      Something you haven't seemed to understand about me, is that when I say things like "this should be easy" I am not just doing it to be an *** :P I just love to **** with people, and that does one of two things: 1) they fight with blind rage making them predictable and easy to counter and 2) They fight calmly trying their best to destroy me and not get carried away. Either one is what I want because I either beat them no problem, or I learn how to improve because I got them to fight their best, so I come up with ways to counter. Oh and when I said you're a loser to that one guy, was because he was talking smack and actually being malicious about it, and he forfeited
    2. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      Doesn't your Scorpio also have FHB6?
    3. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      Try it on the first chapter first. It might not get through Air Battle without SCS.
    4. Hudsonn98
      Lol. Classic Hudsonn to run a clan and not even remember about a tourney...at least I'm not part of it.

      Driving does seem pretty fun. I mean, I've done a little bit with my mom and uncle before but not more than just around the block or so.
    5. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      I still have to update it. I'll get a screenshot of it and post the updated pic.
    6. Scubasteve23
      I would take Cradily over Jumpluff all day err day!

      But I'll be fine. As soon as we have a normal god damn tournament, I promise you I'll win.
    7. Scubasteve23
      Yeah but it sucks without having chlorophyll and my sleep powder missed and got hit with a stone edge so I got screwed over :/

      But that's for the sympathy lol
    8. Hudsonn98
      Lucky! I wish it were a little cooler. Thank god for air conditioning, though.

      And, yay! I cant wait to be fifteen. I'm finally almost old enough to drive. It's weird to think but you we fifteen when we first met...that's really weird, kinda.

      And what tourney are you talking about?
    9. Absoluna
      You said you hated the name Skyler. It was sorta rhetorical, considering you admitted yourself you didn't know why you chose that (on your page).

      Geomancy has got to be one of the coolest looking attacks I've ever seen. And Oblivion Wing just sounds awesome. I think Flare is growing on me, and the new tree thing - uh, Ooburoo, I think, looks kinda cool.
    10. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler

      Lol. That was like me saying I got 25 kills in a FFA. I did... but it was like 20 minute match! xD
      My actual high score on a normal match is 22, but since I was using Eyetracks with SS it doesn't count. :l

      Surprisingly good. It forces me to keep my calm, which is a major factor when playing on 9.0. xD
      It's shots have a sort of blast radius, so it can take out multiple enemies at onece. :3
    11. Scubasteve23
      Yeah but I keep getting screwed over in those tourneys. I made it to the championship of the mono tourny and lost to a dragon type team. I assumed dragons were banned. And then in the OU twist tourny my NU poke was jumpluff...with no weather allowed -_-
    12. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      Btw, you're the reason I started fusing. Thanks. =3
    13. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      Lol. I use my Scorpio Staff* or Bear Claws for solo atm.
      *My latest post on the KI club gives you the details of my Scorpio, I believe, and if not a recent one on the KI:U thread does

      Hmmm... I thought you had 14 done?

      Nope. I'll check it out.
    14. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      Imo you should NEVER use OD- in solo. It's not like value matters.

      I think I died four times today trying to complete chapters on 9.0. today. =l

      Oh man. That sucks.
      Hey, what chapters have you cleared on 9.0?
      Atm I have the first four done, but in my old game I had 1-9, 12-14 and 25 cleared at max intensity.
    15. Hudsonn98
      Haha BLTs are awesome. But I'm just that guy and I only eat it as a BT lol.

      And no, FB sucks.

      Life has been kinda boring. We're having a crazy heat wave here, it's been 90 and completely sunny and dry for the past few days which is completely unheard of here. I'm going boating today though so that should be nice. And my birthday is in six days! Which means I'll only be a "technical" year younger than you for about two months.
    16. Hudsonn98
      Hey Skylaaaaaaaaar

      We haven't talked in ages! Do you have any form of communication besides Serebii (i.e.: Kik, Skype, etc.) cos its kinda a hassle to get on Serebii all the time.

      Btw, your non-capitalization is killing me >.<
    17. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      I like fighting, and I like bug... I like a lot of them =l... I don't like Fairy. >.<

      I had that one completed the first time I tried it on my old games (course, I had OD+8 which makes a mega difference, so I didn't win fair and square). =l Not anymore though...
    18. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      I always used to just use Serebii.net style. Hmm. I like the Steelix, but View Conversation looks bad.
    19. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      I like the X and Y theme Serebii. Have you tried that one out yet?
    20. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      Hey, nice. They used to give fossils at level five!? xD
      In the old gens were the levels needed to evolve Pokémon usually higher?
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    Sep 26, 1996 (Age: 23)
    Gliese 581-G
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    Previously Skyler 99

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