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  • Nothing much really. Been working this summer and doing marching band stuff. The school I go to has a big marching band (like we have 150 or so people) and this is my second year (obviously since I'm going into Sophomore year). But like we do judged parades and stuff all summer mainly to prepare for our trip down to Florida where we got invited back to play at the Outback Bowl in Tampa as well as a couple of the local parades there after Christmas. Like most school might have a great football team, but for us, our band is the pride of the school. We've even represented New York State at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses parade which is that big one on New Years. Plus we're the official band of the Buffalo Bills. Alright, band geek bragging over :)
    Many songs by Cake remind me of 60s/70s rock. It's Coming Down is very Beatlesque as an example, and Italian Leather Sofa is a callback to Steely Dan, who often fused rock with jazz. Pretty Pink Ribbon is pretty much a pastiche of 60s pop/rock.
    That all sounds pretty fun. What's cappella?

    What's wrong with playing a bit of Runescape? It'd be fun.

    Been up to any competitive battling?
    Power Metal, mainly. Listen to Blind Guardian and Hellowen, they're great! Metallica too, but the best band of all time, for me, is Judas Priest!

    They are from which genre?
    I just discovered how awesome Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are, btw.
    Not too bad. Easter tomorrow, not overly excited but oh well. Been playing videogames and dreading having to do my homework.

    What've you been up to?
    Hi. What times will you be on today? I'll be around (hopefully), so PM me your available times for me to organize myself and schedule the battles.
    New genres as well?
    I have beenm listening to a lot of metal, lately. But, I'm searching for musics of new genres as well. And it's incredible how I'm not finding much great things, haha... Anyway, I'm lookiing deep into other genres now. Luckily, I'll find some really FROM HELL THAT I NEVER LISTENED TO band, and it'll be a good band.
    By the Marvin Gaye's "Ain't No Mountain High" is my love now <3
    Don't be scared <3

    Nikomajor had sent you a PM?
    Yup! Everthing is settled already! I thought it'd take much more time, but luckily, I didn't needed.

    But so, how are you?
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