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  • Sorry :p

    Cool! I tried the Raptors for awhile and liked them but I've decided against them now. I prefer things like the Zodiac weapons or... well, you'll find out exactly what OR is/are when we have a match.
    He? I didn't know there was a noticeable difference between male and female Tranquill.

    Yes, in fact, I play it more then pokémon.
    It's Tranquill, not Tranquil. There's an extra L. :p
    I don't really like them, I just like the picture. It looks like I'm waving. Hello! *waves*.

    Bear Claws :D
    Darkness Bow has worked the best for me out of those. Did you destroy Skyla? :D

    Look up KIU on TVTropes, you'll find some other neat stuff they managed to sneak in~

    Flygon is the best dragon, then Salamence. Yeah, they just replaced it. They wouldn't refund, which was fine since I wanted the game anyway. Well, I chose my team so all six members would evolve twice, so I had to evolve it to be consistent. Plus I used Magneton all the time in Ruby and Emerald and got sick of keeping it that way tbh.
    Not really...I actually had no idea who the Giants were until now. o_O I've posted that song because I like it and my mom plays it like every time in the car. XD Yeah, it's a really strange coincidence. o_O"
    Thank you :)

    I have have a problem then! I want to change my username, but I can't think of anything good!
    I've been wanting to change my avatar. I shall go do that now. BTW, do you think Solkachu is a better username then solpokemonfan?
    So did it work? Yeah, some of the spirits are actually quite cool, though I still prefer some of the partners in KH1 and 2. The paint gun is fun, and that balloon game.

    Yeah, start from scratch and see how much of the Treasure Hunt stuff you can get in one try of each level. Well actually I've seen people shipping her with Dark Pit, on tumblr and dA I've seen people doing these "Ask (character)" things and they're quite enjoyable to read. :) And well, that would be because I haven't done multiplayer, heh. And solo I've had some real fun with Orbiters and Cannons.

    I didn't decide upon Flygon or Lucario this time actually. In fact my Black 2 card was faulty and kept freezing on me and then eventually wouldn't let me select Continue at all, so had to get a new one and start over. Going with Torchic (taking Tepig's role, because the Tepig line is awful), Bagon, Budew, Horsea, Magnemite and Sandile. And what do you mean by that last part?
    Football!!! :)
    Giants won against 49ers 26-3!
    WHAT! *Salsa dances*
    We #1 in our division! F*** Eagles! (Sorry,I'm hyper!)
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