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  • I saw post your last post on the Metalheads thread. I thought you might think this was worth a few laughs if you really hate Emmure.
    That is pretty damn impressive! Getting top 25% percent in the world... Well I think that makes you something of a maths celebrity, no? ^_^ Do you think having a good teacher in grade 10 might have helped you with your math skills?

    You must watch Secret Life of Chaos if you're interested in chaos theory... My head was spinning by the end (from swooning lol Yes I'm a nerd XD ). They do touch on fractals, yes. The documentary is a look at the development of the theory. My brother put me onto it. He's been reading a book called The Turbulent Mirror which is apparently quite good too. look it up if you get the chance ;)

    Oh and I found Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines on steam for $20!! Sweet ^_^ I think I might give it a whirl when I get over this darn Pokémon phase I'm going through right now ^_^;

    Do I go to concerts often? Hmm... last time I went to a concert I was about 7 years old I think. lol Don't know why really. I like live music. Have you been to many concerts?
    I loved maths in high school. It was my favourite subject. I remember our math teacher in year 10 once promised he'd do a hand stand on a table in front of the class if anyone got 100% on a particular test... Guess who got 100% ;) He had included a problem he thought no ones was going to remember how to do because he had only briefly touched on the the rule to solve it. I forgot along with everyone else, but I figured out an alternative method of solving it. I think I peaked in year 10 though. It's been down hill since then and now I'm a mathematics idiot unfortunately XD I'd be sat in the corner with a dunces hat on at the University level. I hope the switch to engineering works out for you :)

    Have you seen the documentary The Secret Life of Chaos? It beautiful. It's on YouTube if you haven't seen it (part one>): Link!

    I really want to learn more about cosmogony. Is The First Three Minutes a good starting point?

    The Shivering Isles featured that nutty Daedric character called Sheogorath that you might remember from the Shrine quest where you get Wabbajack... I thought the shower of burning dogs was sad :(

    I did consider getting DA:O for pc actually. Mostly because the modding tools that Bioware have included intrigue me. I want to learn, but I have absolutely no programming experience XD Have you tried your hand at modding?
    I haven't played any DLC for DA:O yet. I'm kinda going through a Pokemon phase at the moment.

    I keep hearing good things about Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. I read a bit about. Interesting. I'm going to keep an eye out for it. It seems like the kind of thing I'd really get into ^_^
    Theoretical physics?!? Wow that's impressive. What made you want to change to engineering? Good luck with the transfer by the way.

    I'm afraid I'm not majoring in mathematics (the equation in my user title is a purely layman fascination with fractals ^_^;) I'm actually majoring in ecology. With a few more credits I could have majored in marine biology too, but I was stupid and missed out. Still kicking myself over that wasted opportunity. XD

    Did you play The Shivering Isle expansion for Oblivion? I thought it was amazing. Such an interesting concept. Geez I sunk a lot of hours into that game now that I think about it ^_^ Can't wait for Skyrim!! I get shivers watching the trailer.

    Haven't played Dragon Age 2 yet. I usually bide my time until I can get newish games for cheap. We get screwed down here in Australia game price wise... On release, an Xbox360 game can cost over AU$100 -_- PC games are usually cheaper, but I don't think my poor laptop could handle them... How does it compare to DA:O?

    Haven't heard of Captain Claw or Blood 2...

    Looks pretty neat ^_^ I'd probably like it.

    Is this the Blood 2 you're talking about? Interesting... It was developed by the same guys who made Condemned: Criminal Origins. Played that? I enjoyed it... But boy was it creepy XD

    I was just looking at the Monolith Production wiki page and noticed they made Claw as well!! Awesome ^_^

    My avatar on Xbox Live had fangs for a little while ;) But Twilight doesn't interest me... seems like a bit of a wank to put it crudely! Seen 40 days of night?
    I've played almost all of the DLCs. I don't recommend Witch Hunt - it's more of a disappointment than anything else. However, if you bought DA: Ultimate and you have the DLC anyway, then give it a whirl. The characters are entertaining. But I wouldn't recommend buying it.
    That's good... I hear stories from time to time about people getting disowned and the like purely because they're atheist. I find that terribly sad. What are you studying at Uni if I may ask?

    I like all sorts of video games, but I'm mostly a console gamer I'm afraid. Some exceptions are the Myst series of puzzle games, Never Winter Nights and Dungeon Keeper II. I played the heck out of those games XD

    I've played Dragon Age origins on Xbox360 and loved it. Bioware games are some of my favourites. Have you heard of Jade Empire? It's more of an action/adventure style game than RPG I would say... But still a lot of fun.

    Some of my other favourites are the Oddworld games (Abe's Odyssey, Strangers Wrath, etc), The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Mirrors edge, Mass Effect, Portal, Half Life series and probably some other ones that escape me at the moment XD

    Edit: I forgot to include Tomb Raider!! I loved the orginal games in the series. They kinda went off the rails towards the end though.
    Thanks for accepting ^_^ and thanks for the links. I like them all but especially the song by Circus Maximus. It has everything including a switch to 3/4 time!! <3 0_0 Epic... (I have a bit of a thing for 3/4 time, for instance)

    Wow I can't imagine what it must be like having a religious family like that (my grandparents are religious but they don't try to force it down my throat or anything). Do they know you're an atheist? I haven't read that book yet but it's on my list :) I watch a lot of atheist videos on YouTube and listen to atheist podcasts and they mention The Grand Design quite a bit!

    I took a peek at your profile... Can I take it that you're an RPG fan of the video game variety?
    I like System of a Down, Nightwish and now also Pagan's Mind I guess ;) but apart from those I'm a metal noob XD
    My musical tastes are all over the place really... Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Paul Simon, Farlander, Deep Forest, Muse, The Strokes... Other stuff.

    Yeah I'm an atheist ^_^ I put that userbar in my sig to advertise the club... (Obviously XD) It's not usually something I yap about. You?
    Yeah, I have Pokèmon Black, for now I just finished the Pokèmon league; what's your pokèmon team at this point of the game?
    thinking about it, i have but to deny. i'd rather see zoey or maylene as a protagonist alongside ash in unova. maybe even the second gym leader of unova. im horrible with names. but i dont want you to think im heavily disagreeing with you, provoking an arguement, i have but to deny. also, i've been reading shakespeare if that explains anything else.
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