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  • Welcome to the ghost type lovers group PokéKT. By the way were holding a D/P/P tournament with a legit shiny Darkrai as first prize. You can read the rules and post your FC in the tournament thread of the group. If you want to participate you need to be quick because only 3 more members can enter.
    well if you would like to help us out then it's mostly appreciated,
    shall i put you on the list of the OW spriters PokéKT?
    oh yeah the weather is perfect here, it's 20 degrees outside i'm walking in my T-shirt outside^^

    oh and yes, zombies:D
    i couldn't resist after i saw the last serebii spriter contest featuring fossils, it's mostly to see what we can acchieve as a team, everybody is welcome to join in.
    i know how that feels, when i was 12 i had to sit indoors because of an illness aswell, it was the first nice warm spring day of the year:(

    i suggest you try to eat some oranges, the vitamines in it will support your body to recover faster.
    I know, but I don't think that the mod will just let in on our request just for 4-6 people. Sorry :(
    I dont know either, and I fear that most of our friends have given up, so I guess that ther is no point trying either.
    I didn't have enough time to worry about a series. I had too much studying to do. I'll look for a place in the fanfic thread where I could continue though.
    First of all, I need all of us(Thunder, you, me, RR, everyone) to come together and request the mod to let us continue. Any fan who is willing to enroll their name for our cause will also be handy. Anyway has anyone continued the fic from where they left in the other thread in the 1st place?
    You are also giving your boards this year right? Oh, and I might try to get back our beloved fanfic thread to the spoiler again, but I'll need everyone of your help.
    Hi Poke`KT. Nice to find you online. My boards just completed today. They went pretty smooth too. Now I am wondering what I'll do about my Higher Secondary Education and further.
    hey i know we have't spoken in awile but what u think of this eps?

    Ep 86: Blackthorn City! The city of dragons
    Billy, Jacqueline and Tai arrive at Blackthorn City. While they are heading to the gym they find a dragon competition that will be staring in two days. Billy sees a young boy with a Charizard and an other with a Dragonite this gives him memoires of his two pokémon. While they are heading to the gym they find the gym leader named Clair. Billy quickly asks for a battle but she turns him down due to a city law about gym battle during the week of the dragon festival.
    Ep 87: Fire in the Den
    Last time are heroes arrived at Blackthorn City? Billy finds the gym leader and asks for a battle but he gets turned down. Billy then enters the dragon festival. When they go to the opening ceremonies at the dragon den it gets attacked by team rocket. Billy and the gang are helping to protect the den. Billy and his 5 pokémon get conner until……
    They'll start by next Wednesday, and I don't even know whether I am nervous or not. It's kind of wierd I know, but I am in a mood I can't explain. A part of me is pretty casual as if I don't care about the boards, and another part is so nervous I can't move. Pretty wierd huh?
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