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  • It does take up alot of time but then so does keeping on top of chores in the home,I cant play on pokemon as much as I used to and would like to anymorebut my daughter comes first as you may see one day, u take care too mate
    Me too ive been rather busy with work and home life too, to be honest I havent been on pokemon for a week as ive just been so tired from being busy. I bought platinum a few weeks back and im as far as iron island but im abusing riley as he heals your pokemon after every battle so its ideal for training
    I dont know how you got the patience to have that many eggs,the most ive done in one session is 150 eggs and ive gave up,I hope he shines soon for you
    I'll reveal a few things that helped me overcome most of my social awkwardness.
    If you can afford it, take a psychology class or two. It helps with reading people.
    Reading stories about people overcoming difficulties will help, as will reading a few romance novels.
    Get to watching a talk show. Watching people interact with eachother will get you to pick up on little things like how a person says things and body language.
    As for communicating with strangers, I haven't entirely figured that out yet, but working with different people to get a job done helps a lot in regards to that. I'm naturally shy around new people.

    I hope this helps.
    About your Asperger's. I can provide information that can help you overcome your social awkwardness. But only if you're interested.
    my brothers 20,money is important no matter how much you dont want it to be,if i did not have to work i would love it,i never thought i would have a family,im 23 now and i have a 19month old daughter and i couldnt be happier,it can be stressful at times looking after the house and my daughter ,paying the bills and forcing myself to go to work.like i said you need to enjoy what you have and try to be happy,u never know you may have a family one day even though its not what you want,there is someone out there for everyone believe me
    there is times in life you will find hard,it does seem to get harder as we all get older but one thing you need to do is never give up,never let anyone belittle you,be proud for who you are and enjoy life and what you like to do as much as you can.it may sound abit sad but pokemon is one of the biggest things for me ,i love to play it when im not at work and if my friends knew they would unfriend me and probably bully me for it,i wouldnt come across to someone though as geeky but i would supose that is down to my manner
    i can only try to imagine how you feel,everyone knows about my brothers condition as my mum has had to care for him,he still lives at home but he wants to find a job but he does not have the confidence within himself to do so,we have someone that comes round to see him to see how he is doing so its nice to see he does get some help,he also has to take tablets for his depression.he doesnt do alot to be honest he stays at home all the time and i can imagine that being abit depressive,i relate to him alot through pokemon but he isnt a big of a fan as i am
    I had the same feeling with my Shellder! I am sure mine is nothing compared to yours, as mine was an accident, and you have been trying for yours ^_^
    Any chance you have an Arceus I can borrow so I can find it on the GTS???
    If so can I borrow it? You can have one of my legendaries as insurance!!
    Hola Dude! You still need a Mew? BC I really need a shiny crobat. VM back por favor. Sorry... I'm feeling spanish today. :D
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