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  • Hey, wanted to let you know you are reserved for my RP, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Arceus saga. Please fix your template so you can get in on it! Your reserve expires 5-1-2011. The RP will start this weekend!
    hmm. no need though. just ditto and partner to breed is fine. i tried using everstone but it is the same as you don't use it at all.
    More like this actually...

    Giovanni ---> Victoria -?-> Sam ---> Yamiko

    It's not clarified that Victoria really likes Sam. They only just met, and there are no hints to any of that.
    Brooklyn Rage on your accusations.
    Victoria just came to Sam and greeted him. Sam is in -love- with Yamiko, so, whatever thing that Victoria may have on Sam isn't going to work, unless Yamiko -really- derives her away from Sam.
    If you want Victoria, go meet her.

    Um, which game are you hunting tyrogue on exactly?


    "P.S.S: When the pokémon fossil is decided as shiny or not, I asked a million times. I will ask again: When the fossil is decided as shiny or not: when I get the ossil, when I give it to the scientist that will ressurect it or when I get it back from the scientist?"

    It's decided when you get it back.
    Put this at the top of your post, you just need to edit it in.

    I Pokemon Trainer Xande, have read all of the Forum and Club rules and promise to follow every single one of them. I also agree that breaking a rule, no matter which one, will give me a strike.

    If you already done it I'm confused because I thought your post on the latest page was your first. Also I can't find any other post by you in the club. Might have completally overlooked it.
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