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  • Wow, long time no talk, heh.

    Yes, they made the new faces look ridiculous. And then some. [To be brutally honest, I find the SM series to be a total letdown.]
    Yea it's been centuries again LOL!

    The faces are honestly ridiculous lmao. [I figured it might be. Haven't watched any of it]
    I'm all right. I'm just trying to get settled into a new apartment. Have you watched any of the SM anime?

    [The director clarified in that interview that it was a good kind of dumb look on his face: "surprised awe". Take that for what you will.]
    I know right? And the fact that his flashbacks contained so much Serena in it xD LOL sounds completely plausible. Dementor Serena. xD

    What a journey indeed...opportunist :p
    And there are people still discussing saying that it isn't canon because we don't know how Ash felt -_- Like seriously? This is fiction and you need to read between the lines at least a bit xD And yeah. I don't know who's bright idea was it to make his face like that. xD

    Indeed it did! And all other ships with it too xD

    When Sun and Moon releases, then you have my permission to feel bad xD

    I think we shouldn't single them out. We should say all OtherShippers xD
    I still can't believe that it's canon. It was my hope that it does. But it was by such a long shot that I can't believe it happened xD It did happen right? :p

    This isn't greed. This is high expectations :p I come from Asia. We don't believe in low expectations xD

    [As they say in Call of Duty, "We may have lost the battle, but not the war". Applicable to all those times the thread turned pessimistic xD And how do i know what the mods are thinking? :p ]

    "You will never know true Pokemon...in the 3DS, and I feel sorry for you..."

    "Ah. PokeShippers. Why don't you run along and play with your little Gameboys?
    I really flipped my table man. I was fully expecting to get disappointed. But no. I was surprised beyond my expectations xD Frankly though, I still want a timeskip showing Ash and Serena married.

    [I know right? It's done. Chapter closed. LOL]

    I was at Level 26 when I stopped. LOL. I got tired of the grind by then. Plus, Sun and Moon hype! xD

    "Welcome, OtherShippers. 20 years it's been, and yet, here you stand as if it were only yesterday. I confess myself... disappointed. Not one of you tried to defend your ships..."

    [So much for all the pessimists. They are still on it though xD]

    Dude. How can you play it so much? It is such an average game xD

    Oh, and welcome back!! :D
    Long Live the King. *drops you*

    Really? I didn't really like Pkmn Go to be honest. It is so bland, and the battle mechanics are shittier than **** xD

    No one knows how Sawyer got so OP man. And no. They aren't right as usual xD But somehow, the Flare arc seems to have been the actual focus all the while, and the league was just a decoy. There's still a possibility that things can go a really strange way. Let's see!

    Oh. The thread's on fire again xD
    I am somewhat here and there. Problem is that I find the gameplay to be rather repetitive and uninspired. So I don't know how much longer I'll play it. What about you?

    [Yeah, it's an absolute travesty. We're faced with a chronically dishonest career politician and a xenophobic, far-right authoritarian demagogue. It's just awful.]
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