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  • Yeah man! Lot of people jumping the gun before we even know what SM is all about. "Yes we are. And from today, everyone will pledge allegiance to only one side. The optimistic side. The others shall...perish" *waves wand over dead pessimist*
    You sound like a Government office xD

    Probably that's why they decided to release two new games instead xD

    I am. Because there's just no need for that kind of panic almost 9 months (at the least) in advance! And it seems like the convincing finally worked xD "Indeed Braixen. Because only I can live...forever" *casts Avada Kedavra on a random pessimist*
    We go afk because our academics needs us...

    Ah, seems like Scarecrow has been running loose again xD They are panicking because of the new games Sun and Moon- which they think is the end of XY, and thereby Amour as well, though we know nothing about it and for every evidence that points to a region linked to Kalos xD
    LOL! xD

    "Ah. Braixen. Our new celebrity."

    [LOL well, it definitely seems like a dream sequence. But I don't rule out the dance actually happening! Or at least, we get some really cute stuff :D]
    Did you see Miley's new pictures though? She looks a lot like her Hannah Montana days now. (until I'm proven so badly wrong by her next music video at least) xD

    "We have a very different idea about what Pokémon means, Braixen" [He was such a wonderful actor.]

    Head to the thread now. xD Or if not, then watch the latest episode and the preview at the end of it :D
    And then lick them with your tongue. LOL

    How touchingly dramatic Braixen. Perhaps Eevee will evolve to a dramatist. Just like you. [He died :(]

    [Well, I googled the difference, and gave you the first thing I saw xD We could say that :p] "Spare no expense for grandeur" By the way. Saw the latest shots of the dance episode?! :D :D :D
    Look at Charizard xD
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