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  • It's perfectly fine. Yeah, it's gone, though I have another one up right now. It's fine, but no, I don't have any other accounts, mostly because I don't have a working email at the moment.
    Meh, it's not something I'll be losing any sleep over, but it's nice to have another sensible person here.

    So... what are you doing right now?

    Well, I'm basically an emotional ****ing roller coaster without them. I seem angry most of the time to a lot of people; that's because my meds basically shut down most emotions for me, or at least majorly tone them down.
    Oh yes, the ones in In-Game RMT. Yes, there are a lot of them today. So many I'm suprised I haven't gone out and murdered someone, given that I didn't take my meds today XD
    XD Yeah, the newbies can get a little annoying. I'm guessing you're talking about the one who's asking how to change their rank?
    hey i was wondering if you could help?
    how do people change there little pics, eg mine has a charmander, bulbasaur and proffessor oak in it, where as your has Jolteon and Gloom.
    can you help?
    Me and... me XD Shinzura does a bit, and Dragard does whenever he's on, but not as much as me and some of the older guys did. randomn00b still does sometimes too. CheapChap hasn't been on as much, but he Rates when he is. Azeem40 Apparently doesn't even like Pokemanz anymore, so... yea

    Edit: Oh, and SapphireL still Rates the Threads that don't get any attention. As well as ShinyTrainer.
    Oh yeah, I remember that. XD I was bored, and felt like seeing what would happen. That... wasn't what I was expecting. XD
    Sugimori Art, possibly? Just Google Image Search 'X Sugimori', replacing X with the name of whatever Pokemon your looking for.
    'Shadow of Darkrai'? Seems too ring a bell, but I can't quite put my finger on it... Anyway, yeah, see you later.
    It's the internet. We're all anonymous here. If I or anyone else left, it's not like someone would cry over it :/ I mean, obviously it was a 'too bad' moment when you left, but nothing that bad.
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