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  • She made a secondary account too Troll. Too tell the truth, I'm not suprised she did something like that :/ She's never been well liked here anyway XD I'm going too miss her though.
    Also, because apparently you two were friends, you may want too know Femme Fatale has been permabanned.
    Well, I wouldn't be able too give you nearly enough details on that. I suggest asking in the Tech Help Forum.
    The only real difference here is more idiots who don't read the rules, and I've become the angsty, swearing rule enforcer :/ Trust me, just about nothing's different.
    Hehe, me competitive rate? Not in this life time. It would be too hectic with the EVs etc. I like rating sometimes but not like before.Sure See ya around Poke-friend
    Guess everyone winds down after a while. I was the same way, back then, when I used to post (crappy) suggestions in the CRMT, and had a League running on this site... Then I took a 6 Month long break from this site and the internet in general, then finally came back and began posting in the InGame RMT. Man, takes me back... But anyway, I know what you mean. It's a little wierd at first.
    It's no problem. It might be on the second page now, I'm not sure.

    Losing more and more friends? And how is that so?
    DX sorry for not responding soon enough, I was lazy >D. Anyways, yeah, I'm doing okay. I haven't been on here as much either...hehe, so you still rate in the ingame rates>?
    I miss that place XD
    Nope. It was in reply to this:
    Have you noticed my currently nonchalant misdemeanor?

    Hm. So, to make a good team, I have to find all of my pokemon's weaknesses and find pokemon that are strong against thoe weaknesses, is that what you're saying?
    Making a team is not easy. First, you need to think of what you team your team to do. I decide my lead first and base my team around that, in a way. Second, patch up common weaknesses with the appropriate Pokemon while keeping the theme and roles of Pokemon intact.
    As in, It seemed you were talking about how Magnezone wouldn't be a threat to your Metagross (which it might actually be), so I was simply clarifying that was talking about the Pokemon Metagross as a whole.
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