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  • Well, I gave Azeem some advice, but I don't know if he's change his ways or not.

    I personally make a rough draft out, and most of my teams look something like this:

    Crippling Lead (Status, Encore, etc...)
    Bulky Sweeper / Tank (Metagross, Salamence, etc...)
    Frail but hard hitting and fast sweeper (Jolteon, Weavile, etc...)
    Mix Sweeper (Infernape, Houndoom, etc...) / 'Other Pokemon' (Baton Passer, Status Abuser, etc...)
    Physical Wall (Regirock, Forretress, etc...)
    Special Wall (Cresselia, Lanturn, etc...)

    This just an outline. After that, I start looking over good type combinations and synergy. I do a lot of damage calculation, making sure my attacks will do what they are meant, and look over the sets to make sure that I'm making full use of my Pokemon. I also always keep a space open for a 'Niche' Pokemon.

    There is always the 'Pre-Making' preperation to, deciding themes, etc... But I won't bore you with that.
    Sorry for taking... about 30 Minutes to respond. I was reading a Fan Fic on a different site.

    Yeah, me and Azeem talk a bit about Competitive Battling. I would agree, though, so far his team looks very good.
    Fire Emblem is a difficult series, but a great one none the less. If you want a Wii Fire Emblem, get Radiant Dawn.

    I believe you said something about that in your sig. About the never give up part, I mean.
    Same here on School work. Not to much else going on, though I've recently become obsessed with the game Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

    I'm not sure why people would be acting wierd around you... It was a little odd at first when you came back and seemed to be much more positive than before, but its been awhile since then.
    hey is your fc still the same? Mine is, hopefully we'll see each other soon cause I have time now. my fc is 3738 2079 4462
    Me fine ^_^
    Just a bit busy with school life, and all that. A test just passed so right now I'm not pressured so much XD

    Thanks for asking
    Thanks for reporting that, but you'll have to at least tell me what section you're referring to. Or provide a link to one of the threads.
    Mr. Nice Guy you're finally back!! XDDD Yeah, I'm doing fine, just have the chickenpox w/c is a good thing, no school XD joke, but yeah I do have it. Anyway, how bout you, how was your New year
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