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  • hey. soz my phones outta credit, and i got wi fi on my wii. my wii number is 4438 2643 3004 3010. and my full name is yuanyi zhu. add my wii thingy so we can send messages on there :D
    I like them but the black 1 looks yu gi oh ish i think its design is a bit like palkia's, i hope no more look like him
    I like Goldenrod city. I have no target right now i have 16 bagdes in ss and 8 in hg i prefer hg when i get 16 bagdes in hg im going after kyorge
    ok ill watch it
    i had to make this longer because serebii doesnt allow me to post thingys under 10 characters
    stupid rules :/
    in my last post i was a bit rude (got excited about telling someone) sorry thats great got a shiny todadile, 76 SRs is amazing. your voice didnt that g*y so hows ur hunting on the runners going?
    I thought the Fire and Water starters were kinda cute... (Although the Grass one looks the coolest and I'm choosing him)

    And I don't think you can really blame Nintendo or Game Freak, they have over 500 Pokemon, it'll be kinda hard to stay original.
    I really do understand where you're coming from. It may be hypocritical of me, but I've done what Pingouin was planning to do, only to an uncatchable which could've very well been catchable (as I could've bought Pokeballs at that point), on a silly rom hack I played ages ago. You know my shiny Camerupt? I caught her on a rom hack at... Level 3.

    The only reason I've kept her is because of her sentimental value to me. I dunno if I want to hunt a full legit one or not;; what do you think?

    And damn. I'd so hunt with you for Rayquaza. I've been meaning to reclaim my hacked one from all those years ago, I just need to finish my final Hoenn starter hunt and then I'm off to beat the game. xD
    That's good, I wish you luck with that Masuda hunt! As for me, I'm looking forward to graduating from high school soon (May 25th). My last day is either May 18th or 19th.

    Hunts: I'm focusing on Raikou/Entei now. But I have two huge tests next week, Wed. and Thur., so gotta study. I also plan on hatching for some shiny soon.
    its going ok i just got shiny entai and rakiou i dont how many SRs i did, there was over ten 1000. i got shiny lugia , groundon , mew2 and suicune (all SR) and random shiny rhyhorn in soulsilver and heatran and bird trio in platinum
    There's a difference between capturing something that was never meant to be captured, and cheating to access a location that was meant to be accessed in some way. At least with the Mew events and such, they were intended to be accessed at some point, whereas the uncatchables were never meant to be captured.

    Different people have more and less access to the events, and yet the uncatchables aren't available for capture for anyone at all, unless they cheat. Surely you can see which one is more unfair. :/
    Nah, I've just noticed that a couple of posts of his seem to be a hell of alot more like his usual self; so it's likely that he's been on at some point. The hijacker might've changed the password so he can't access it, who knows? We'll just need to wait and see. D:

    I'm good. I've been SRing aaaallll day and done a bit of drawing too! :3
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