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  • I need winter and Fall deerling or sawsbuck, small and large pumpkaboo / Gourgiest (Not supersize), and shiny stones or Florges (Orange and White)

    Any help is appreciated :)
    Sorry, I just woke up. I wish I read your VM sooner so I could give you mine.

    Oh forget about my dex request. It's ridiculous xD I need more than a hundred pokemon. I'll just forget about getting a shiny charm and just do the shiny hunting in my X
    I still don't fully understand how those O powers work. I know right! I caught my Xerneas with a Heal ball also on my first try.... What levels are your pokemon in your team? The elite 4 and the champion (also the gym leaders) were very easy for me to beat. I beat them on my first try also without resetting.
    Nevermind. I realised that it's almost impossible for me to complete mine since I need way too many. xD
    Oh you have X too eh, awesome. I just beat the Elite 4 yesterday. I was also taking my time enjoying the game :)

    btw I have some pokemon in my X that I need someone to level up, so if you can help me please let me know..
    Hey.. can you really help people complete gen 5 pokedex for free? Cause I really want to have that Shiny Charm..
    Wow, someone actually noticed! xD Thank you so much! :)
    No, I don't do requests anymore, especially banners since I suck.

    oh Congrats on FINALLY getting a Shiny Latias!! Happy for you. Glad that I don't have to give mine to you xD
    well if you ever come across someone that does digital work and they'll do something for me, then i'll happily give you the latias
    Since you have completed your pokedex, I assume you have a Gastly and Houndour? xD Can I borrow them just to breed?
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